Huge burger with a total weight of 90 kg

It seems that huge hamburgers with a total weight of about 90 kg, made by Australian cafes, were exhibited with a weight of just putty alone being 80 kg. It is also a matter of weight of putty, but also the amount of eggs, sliced ​​cheese, tomatoes and other ingredients added, and it seems to get distracted how long it will take to eat.

Details are from the following.
Food and Wine: Giant burger sets super-sized record

Record burger is size of a man | The Sun | News

This is a huge hamburger with a gross weight of 198 lbs. It is too huge so that a mass of meat is more like a patty than a putty.

This huge burger was made by Joe and Iman El-Ajouz who own cafe in Sydney. Mr. Joe made preparations for custom made equipment to make this hamburger and made it over 12 hours. The weight of the putty is 178 pounds (about 80 kg), and 120 pieces of eggs, 150 pieces of slice cheese, 3 pounds of beettes (about 1.4 kg), 5.5 pounds of tomatoes (about 2.5 kg), and 4.5 pounds of lettuce (about 2 kg) It seems to be used.

This hamburger was exhibited from June 5th to 11:45 the next day, and all the employees flattered it. I am currently looking forward to being licensed while applying for Guinness as the world's largest hamburgers.

You can watch the movie as it was being exhibited from the following. Because the CM enters first, wait for about 30 seconds before the main part starts.
Food and Wine: Giant burger sets super-sized record

Maybe you might sell it for $ 1220 (about 110,000 yen), so if you sell it you will see the fiercest trying to challenge.

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