Pictures of Chinese dogs in appearance like tigers and pandas

A painting for a pet to design other animals such as tiger and panda seems to be done in China, with a striped pattern, a picture of a dog whose eyes are dyed and the limbs are dyed black is released It is.

It is a mysterious appearance that can not be recognized as a dog if any dog ​​is from a distant eye.

Details are as below.
Meet the Tiger Dog: Chinese owners dye pets to look like wild animals | Mail Online

A dog that looks like a tiger with a striped pattern.

It looks like a panda but this one is also a dog.

Besides dyeing to black and white, it is brought close to the appearance of panda by cutting the hair round.

In China, not only shampoo and grooming, but also such dyeing is done in a beauty salon for pets.

The money spent on pets from 1999 to 2008 seems to be five times.

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