Shopify decides to 'permanently' cancel all regular meetings of 3 or more people, management declares 'meeting is a bug' and 'we will fix the bug today'

It has become clear that Shopify, which develops the e-commerce platform, has decided to permanently abolish regular internal meetings held by three or more people.

Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke Tells Employees To Just Say No to Meetings - Bloomberg

In 2023, Shopify will 'clean up the schedule' of the calendar, delete regular meetings with three or more people, and abolish similar meetings in the future. New rules have been established, such as no, large meetings of 50 or more people must be held only on Thursdays, and must be kept within a 6-hour window. Employees are also encouraged to decline meetings and stay out of large internal chat groups.

In a statement to the media, CEO Tobi Lutke said, 'The best thing a founder can do is subtract. It's much easier to add things than it is to remove things. If you say yes to one thing, the period You end up saying no to everything else you could have done in 1999. As you add more things, you start getting fewer things you can do, which leads to more and more people maintaining the status quo. I'm going to do it, 'he said, clarifying the reason for abolishing the meeting.

According to Steven Rogelberg, a professor of organizational science, psychology, and business administration at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, poorly managed meetings can lead to lower employee morale and even increased intention to quit. . 'Over the years, we've seen too many meetings creeping into our lives,' said Kaz Nejatian, VP of Products and Chief Operating Officer at Shopify. I guess, 'he said on Twitter, 'Meetings are a bug. Today, we will fix this bug.'

“Meetings are bugs,” Lutke said. You can, but it's much better to fix the root cause,' he tweeted.

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