Construction of the world's largest ``cultured meat factory'' started, capable of producing 10,000 tons of cultured meat without killing any animals

by Believer | A Better Future for Meat

In recent years, cultured meat has attracted a lot of attention because it is estimated that ``

carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 80% by switching meat to cultured meat ''. Meanwhile, Believer Meats , an Israeli cultured meat company, has announced that it will build the world's largest cultured meat factory in North Carolina, USA.

BELIEVER Meat Breaks Ground on Largest Cultivated Meat Production Facility in The World

The World's Biggest Cultured Meat Factory Is Under Construction in the US

Believer Meats announced on December 7, 2022 that it plans to build a new factory in Wilson County, North Carolina at a cost of $ 123.35 million (about 17 billion yen). The site area of the factory is 200,000 square feet (about 18,580 square meters), and it is possible to produce 10,000 tons of cultivated meat at full operation. It is not clear how long it will be possible to produce 10,000 tons of cultured meat, but Believer Meats announces that this scale is the largest in the world.

Believer Meats is an Israel-based cultivated meat company that just changed its name to its current name in November 2022. In June 2021, when the company was called Future Meat Technologies, it opened the world's first industrial cultured meat production facility in Israel capable of producing 500 kg of meat per day.

The world's first cultured meat production facility is born in Israel, capable of producing 500 kg per day - GIGAZINE

The new plant, which has started construction in the United States, will have a bioreactor that can produce meat with high cell density and yield using patented technology, as well as a state-of-the-art research and development center and a kitchen for tasting. It is planned to be installed.

In the bioreactor of the cultured meat production factory, nutrients and oxygen are supplied to the cells collected so as not to hurt the animal, and it is kept at the same temperature as the animal's body. After culturing, the cells are harvested, cooked, molded and processed into products.

by Believer | A Better Future for Meat

Regarding the future of the cultured meat industry, Yaakov Nahmias, the founder of Believer Meats, said, 'If the demand for meat continues to increase in the future, the conventional meat industry will eventually not be able to meet the supply. We believe that cultured meat is essential to ensuring healthy, sustainable and affordable nutrition for generations to come.'

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