"Impossible Burger" using plant-derived artificial meat starts to expand shops in the nation wide

Although it can not be distinguished from a hamburger using beef in appearance, a hamburger artificially made only with vegetable protein without using any animal meat "Impossible BurgerIt is finally decided to expand stores across the country. Impossible Burger can be eaten vegetarian, but there is a grand goal to overcome global environmental problems.

Impossible Foods

Startup Impossible Foods says it can generate now for 4 million meatless burgers a month-taking on its food-tech rivals and, soon, McDonald's (MCD) - Quartz

You can see what kind of artificial meat burger is Impossible Burger by reading the following article.

100% baked when it is botanical raw material broth and dripping taste and smell are meat itself "Impossible Foods" - GIGAZINE

The restaurant's chef cooks Impossible Burger and you can see how the incident leaves impression that it is "no different from beef" in the following movie.

A Quest for an All-American Burger ... Without Meat - YouTube

The Impossible Burger looks like hamburger with beef but its contents are artificial meat made from vegetable protein and it is a big feature that we do not use any animal meat such as cattle, pig, chicken etc at all.

Impossible Burger is a hamburger that does not use animal meat that can eat people who do not eat meat of animal because of beliefs such as vegetarian and vegan, but the purpose of development is not for vegetarian.

By breeding cattle and pigs to make beef and pork, a large amount of grass and feed is necessary on the earth, and in the case of beef cattle breeding, a large amount of water is needed, so water shortages are concerned, It is also a global environmental problem. It is a major goal of Impossible Foods to develop Impossible Burger to disseminate plant-derived artificial meat as a means to solve global environmental problems caused by raising animals to obtain meat.

Impossible Burger scientifically produces artificial meat that looks like beef to taste, nutritional value and appearance by collecting and combining proteins from plants such as barley, coconut, soybeans. It seems to be a sticking to reproduce the color of lean using vegetable derived heme or to the meat juice, at a glance it is a level not noticed that it is plant derived artificial meat.

Impossible Burger, which had already been sold in some parts of the US, is expected to complete a large-scale artificial meat manufacturing plant in Oakland, California. When the plant is in operation, it will produce 1 million pounds (about 450 tons) of artificial meat each month It will be able to mass produce. "I am serious about our mission, Impossible Foods' CEO," I am planning to make products that can compete with any foods made using animal meat now, "said Patrick Brown, Impossible Foods , Plans to lower the unit price of Impossible Burger which is about four times the price of beef-based hamburger by mass production. Mass-produced artificial meat is scheduled to be able to deliver meat to 1000 restaurants at the current 250 times production volume.

In addition to Impossible Burger, "Memphis Meats" which manufactures artificial chicken using stem cells, Silicon Valley has been born with successive startups to manufacture artificial meat, and in the near future, artificial meat will serve the catering industry all over the world There seems to be a possibility of changing it completely.

"Artificial meat" cultured from chicken and bovine cells is expected to line up at the table in the 2020s - GIGAZINE

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