100% baked when it is botanical raw material Broth of juice It is meat itself taste and smell "Impossible Foods"

Despite being made of 100% of plants without using animal raw materials at all, the smell, texture and taste can be regarded as beef only food "Impossible Foods"Was developed by a team of Stanford University biochemist Patrick Brown et al. It is not meat, but when you bake it in a frying pan the surface turns brown, it seems that greasy like "juice" overflows with everything.

Impossible Foods

You can check how much Impossible Foods resemble meat from the following movies.

The Impossible Burger - YouTube

Peel off the wrapping paper ...

Meat appeared just to have bought mince. But this is "Impossible Foods".

I will mold it in the manner of hamburger steak.

When putting on a heated pan, the juice and meat juice overflowed.

Turn over to brown brown. It is exactly the appearance of the meat itself, that the part where fire does not pass is red but the part heated is brown.

When meat is pressed against a frying pan, further gravy overflows.

I painted mayonnaise on bread ......

I will put Impossible Foods burned over vegetables.

If meat and vegetables are pinched in bread, a plant-derived food only hamburger is completed.

It seems that it is meat only when it is up.

The section looks something like this. I can only see the baked condition of meat as a rare hamburger.

Human beings need lots of water, food and breeding places to raise livestock. Now has been used land that is equal to the size of the African continent 33 million square kilometers in order to raise the livestock, 15,000 liters also of water has been consumed to make the beef 1kg. When you read the following article, you can see how expensive it is to make beef, pork and chicken.

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Demand for meat is on the rise due to the population increase and economic growth, but it is difficult to raise enough livestock to satisfy all people. Therefore, Impossible Foods is proposed as a substitute "less healthy and inexpensive resource requiring less resources for manufacturing" than red meat.

The attempt to manufacture artificial meat is not a thing to begin today. A research institution in the Netherlands "Collect bovine stem cells and cultivateIt is making artificial meat by a method called ""Beyond Burger" grilled meat like beef when baked even though it is made from beansThe food that has already been announced. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, also invests in "trying to produce meat from plants" like Impossible Foods and Beyond Burger. In addition, Impossible Foods has declined to buy from Google in 20 - 30 billion yen in 2015, attracting much attention from investors and companies.

The feature of Impossible Foods is that it simply did not make "meaty things" by collecting vegetables and beans. Professors Brown analyzed the meat at the molecular level and clarified what is creating the taste, smell and texture of the hamburger patty, "When it is not through the fire, it is made chubby, and when you heat it will beat It is aiming at the development of the food that the clump color will change like that.

Professor Brown's idea that "cells of fat and muscle of all animals are replaced by plant-derived compounds". According to Professor Brown, what is the key to the taste and appearance of the meat is known as a protein that transports oxygenhemoglobinIn addition to being contained in the blood of animals a lot, it also exists in plants. Hemoglobin is contained in lean in a large amount, but it is also contained in plants.

In order to extract hemoglobin from plants, the research team first took a method of extracting hemoprotein called "leg hemoglobin" from the roots of legume plant, but it is too costly, and when extracting plants There was a problem of releasing carbon into the atmosphere. Therefore, what the research team did next is to code the hemoprotein using the soybean gene and convert it to yeast. According to this method, the research team succeeded in obtaining a large amount of compounds similar to the animal's blood, and he said that he made 20 thousand Impossible Foods of Quarterpound.

Burger "something like meat is not meat" may be sold for vegetarians (vegetarians), but Impossible Foods is targeting the carnivists to the last. Therefore, researchers produce texture from wheat and potato protein, adding coconut oil as a substitute for meat fat. Protein contained in potatoes produces the same texture as when burning the surface of meat and coconut oil melts out from Impossible Foods like real meat when baked in frying pan. Also, it is more healthy food because it is more protein than real meat, less fat and no cholesterol.

According to the person who ate Impossible Foods actually, "The taste is not as dark as the real meat, but if you do not know that it is made from plants, you would not feel uncomfortable." It is said that the texture is close to real beef, especially the "smell" synthesized by Professor Brown et al. Was the smell itself when burning meat.

Food analysts say, "There is a high possibility that if Impossible Foods and Beyond Burger go to the market there is a high possibility of hitting", "While carnivorous prices are reasonable, We do not think there will be ", I regard plant-made artificial meat as accepted by vegetarians.

At the moment, Impossible Foods is expensive due to high cost, so Professor Brown and others are planning to make it cheaper than commercially available beef. Also, Impossible Foods is likely to take time to line up with the supermarket, and it seems that it is thought to distribute it in a restaurant first.

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