Sony that PS3 's function to install OS such as Linux 」was deleted by Sony to pay reparation

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It has been continued for 6 years, "Sony from PS3Removed the function to install OS such as LinuxSony agreed to pay compensation for about 10 million people who suffered damage due to the updates made in 2010 in a lawsuit on the case that was made.

Sony agrees to pay millions to gamers to settle PS3 Linux debacle | Ars Technica

Sony released the system software update "version 3.21" for PlayStation 3 (PS 3), which was offered in April 2010, and was installed in the PS3 of the previous model except for the new PS 3 (CECH-2000 series) The function related to "has been deleted. This update was made as a response to "security vulnerability problems" that exists when the other systems can be installed and started up. Because it was a selection system rather than a mandatory system, people who want to keep using other systems could use the functions without doing system update, but as long as they do not update, the latest services and contents are used I can not do it.

Sony, to remove the function to install OS such as Linux from PS3 of the conventional model - GIGAZINE

In this case, PS3 users dissatisfied with this update caused the group, and eventually Sony agreed to pay reparation. As of June 22, 2016, although not yet approved by federal judges in California,(PDF)An agreement"Users who used Linux on PS3 are entitled to receive $ 55 per person (about 5800 yen)".

In order to receive compensation, we need to present evidence indicating that we were using the PlayStation Network sign-in ID and PS3 serial number, "Function to install OS such as Linux". Also, among users who bought PS 3 other than the CECH-2000 series during the period from November 1, 2006 to April 1, 2010, I know the existence of "the function to install an OS such as Linux" , Users planning to use the same function can claim compensation of 9 dollars (about 900 yen) if they apply.

Although it is not written how much the total amount of reparation paid by Sony is written, since it is thought that the number of qualified users who receive reparations is about 10 million, it is said to be in the talk of 10 billion yen unit It will be seen to be.


In addition, at the time of distributing the update, Sony did not talk about deleting the function of installing the operating system such as Linux from PS3 in detail, but insisted that at the time of litigation, he was involved in "copyright infringement of contents". Sony was afraid that illegal copying of games and other contents would be made by hackers using features of other OSs that were not originally installed in PS3.

The point that disadvantaged Sony in litigation is that PS3's system software update "version 3.21" was delivered arbitrarily. With version 3.21 as "optional update", unless you do update you can not access the PlayStation Network etc, it becomes impossible to play the game online, you can not play video content PS 3 The fact that it was not possible to fully use the function of Sony was a disadvantage for Sony.

In addition, Sony has also agreed to make full use of the mail database of PlayStation Network, banner advertisement and search linked advertisement on the Internet in order to notify customers about this reparation.

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