"Artificial meat" cultured from chicken and bovine cells is expected to line up at the table even in the 2020s

A method of cultivating cells collected from adults of chickens and cattle to produce meat is being established. Chicken called "Clean Meat" different from the meat produced by the conventional method seems to have a texture almost unchanged from chicken which we usually eat.

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Start-up based in the San Francisco Bay Area "Memphis MeatsIs a company established with the goal of producing edible meat from cultured meat cells, not animals. However, it is impossible to produce meat from scratch at all, so Memphis Meats tells us that from the individuals of the underlying animalStem cellsWe are trying to establish a mechanism to "grow" meat that can actually be eaten by collecting and cultivating in a special facility.

The meat produced in this way is called Clean Meat at the company and distinguishes it from the meat produced by the conventional method. Cooking made with Clean Meat, its aim and others are explained in the following movie.

BREAKING: We are beyond proud to announce the world's first chicken and duck produced by growing animal cells without the full animal. History in the making! # Memphis Chicken

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A delicious chicken baked in a nice color. It is hard to believe that it is using artificial poultry.

However, the cooking scenery is a little different. First of all, open the seal packed for each piece ......

Take out the chicken from Clean Meat.

Then I will bake it with salt and pepper.

This is a new type of chicken that Memphis Meats will produce.

Currently, meat is raised by raising livestock.

However, when Clean Meat is put into practical use, it is possible to reduce the number of millions of livestock. Uma Valeti, co-founder and CEO of the company, says that it can reduce much of the resources and energy that has been raised.

Production of Clean Meat begins by collecting stem cells in the animal's body.

Mechanism that meat is produced by culturing stem cells by giving elements necessary for growth such as water, nutrients, minerals, and sugar. Note that this method is not particularly secret, and tour tours are also taking place at the company 's production facility.

Although Clean Meat produced from bovine cells has been born ... ...

As it is this time, it will be a big step for Chicken Meat Clean Meat to move toward practical use.

Because chicken is the most consumed meat in the United States, it is expected that the effect expected by the practical use of Clean Meat will appear most largely.

By the way, the feeling I ate was "spongy texture" than usual chicken meat.

The biggest challenge now is production costs. The cost of producing 1 pound (about 453 grams) of Clean Meat at the present time is 9000 dollars (about 1 million yen). Meanwhile, the average price in the American supermarket is 3.20 dollars per pound (about 360 yen), it is true that there is still a large gap, but it will settle to what level at the stage when it is in full swing It is likely to be the most important point.

For such artificial meat, in addition to Memphis Meats, multiple startups such as "Netherlands" "Mosa Meat" invested by Mr. Sergei Brin, one of the founders of Google, are under development. Memphis Meats aims to commercialize Clean Meat in 2021 as well.

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