How to make and how to make future food "artificial meat" to save humanity Commentary movie

The population of the Earth continues to increase every year, and it is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, "How to supply 9 billion people of food"problemAs one of the ways to solve such food problems, the movie that summarizes how to make "artificial meat" with the potential to become the future meat is called "The Meat of the Future: How Lab - Grown Meat Is Made ".

The Meat of the Future: How Lab - Grown Meat Is Made - YouTube

How is the "meat" made in the future in the future?

Meat made artificially in the laboratory will be more popular now.

A butcher selling disassembling the cow and selling it may not exist in the future.

A tasting party of burger using artificial meat was done for the first time in 2013.

Comparing the production of artificial meat and breeding of live cows, the artificial meat requires few resources such as grass and water, and no work for dismantling the meat is necessary.

Compared to cattle breeding costs with other animals ......

28 times the site is necessary.

Water is required 11 times.

According to a survey by WWF, 25% of the Earth's surface is used as a land to keep cows.

In the near future, artificial meat will be cheaper than ordinary meat, grow fast and will be environmentally friendly food.

By the way, how do you "nurture" artificial meat?

Recent research suggests that "the method of harvesting and culturing bovine stem cells" is most successful.

We will grow the collected stem cells in the culture broth.

A stem cell is a cell that has the ability to divide to produce the same cell as its own and the ability to differentiate into another cell.

Because any cell can be produced ......

It is possible to make anything from muscle to internal organs.

Stem cell tissue is collected from live cows in a less painful way.

The tissue of the stem cell consists of muscle cells and adipocytes, but only the muscle cells necessary for the production of artificial meat are taken out.

Dissect the muscle cells and dissect and cultivate.

"Cell culture" refers to raising plants and animal cells in an artificially created environment.

We will grow the cells in a state that they are immersed in a culture solution containing necessary nutrients such as amino acids and carbohydrates.

From only one myocyte ......

It is possible to produce as many as 1 trillion cells.

Newly born muscle cells gather together with nature to form small myotubes of about 0.3 mm.

Placing the myotubes on a ring made of gel will grow to a small muscle tissue.

The situation that the myotubes are actually placed on the transparent ring is as follows.

It is possible to make meat etc for hamburger by stacking several rings.

It is said that artificial meat is thinner in color than ordinary meat, and its taste is refreshing and fancy.

"The light taste of artificial meat contains a lot of protein and can compensate for the global food shortage," scientists are expecting.

Initially, the price of artificial meat was pretty expensive, 325,000 dollars (about 39 million yen) in hamburger patty size, but as research advanced, the price increased to about 11 dollars (about 1300 yen) Decline.

However, compared with McDonald's Big Mac being $ 4.79 (about 570 yen), artificial meat can still be said to be a high-grade food ingredient.

In the future, it is expected that the method of producing artificial meat will be easier and the price will be cheaper.

The day that "eat artificial meat steak at dinner" may be close.

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