Devilman's new work "DEVILMAN crybaby" will be delivered at Netflix in spring of the beginning of the year,

manga artist·Go NagaiIn commemoration of his 50th anniversary, Mr. Nagai's one of his masterpieces "Devilman」Is announced that it will be exclusively distributed worldwide in 190 countries worldwide in the spring of the beginning of 2018 as new animation of original Netflix original.

the title is"DEVILMAN crybaby"Directed by April 7, 2017"Take a short walk in the evening Maiden"On May 19,"Song of the roar telling the dawn"Mr. Masaaki Yuasa who is closing the film release of director work in succession.

DEVILMAN crybaby | Official website

DEVILMAN crybaby commemorating 50th anniversary of Nagai's 50th anniversary decision in early spring of 2018! - YouTube

"Devilman" is a masterpiece of Mr. Atsushi Nagai serialized at Weekly Shonen Magazine since 1972. So far, movies, animation, games, novels, spin-off cartoons and a number of media mixes have been done, but this time it seems that expression of violence expression will be performed "Netflix only".

The poster image looks something like this.

The comments from Mr. Atsushi Nagai and Director Yuasa are as follows.

Author / Go Nagai:
When I heard the story of animation of the original comic "devilman", the first thing I thought was "Will you draw until the end?" (Laugh). I believe that if Mr. Yuasa, who has great trust in me, will do it. How is the struggle between Devilman and Demon painted in animation and settled? I am looking forward to the animation until the end of 'Devilman' which may never be realized again.

Director · Masaaki Yuasa:
What is it that you will be doing the animation of the most impacted cartoon "Devilman"! In order to arrive at the shocking development that can be called the highest in manga history and the spectacular last scene, we are struggling day by day to work to drop the original spirit and essence into the form of "now-animation". However, there are few restrictions on delivery, so we will do it to the limit! Although there are violence, erotro, etc., it is finally "love". please expect to have fun and wait.

Music · Ken Susuu Ushio:
I will animate Yuasa Masaaki and Manga "Devilman". Teams are working together as a team to make anime an episode of the essence of grand big epic by Prof. Nagai. It is Ping Pong The Animation since challenging the huge original with the director. I am honored to be having the same team and the same days as I did at that time. It is a work of "love" as the director said. Please expect it.

Yuhei Shinbun Producer (Aniplex):
This work makes a new image as an animation to be drawn by contemporary director Yuasa while making maximum use of the nuance of the original devilman manuscript. We will challenge expressions unique to Netflix delivery, including intense violence depiction. Please look forward to "DEVILMAN crybaby" facing straight from the original of Professor Nagai.

Incidentally, while numerous media mixes are being held, as Nagai says, there is no work which I have drawn until the end of the original manga of "Devilman", but in "DEVILMAN crybaby" From the encounter of Asuka and Fudo Akira, Devilman's birth, and Devilman vs. Armageddon of Satan.

Expectations will increase as to what kind of thorough visualization will be made.

Original: Ake Nagai "Devilman"
Director: Masaaki Yuasa
Screenplay: Okochi Ichiro
Music: Kenzi Ushio
Animation Production: Science SARU
Produced by Aniplex Inc./Dynamic Planning Inc.
In Association with Netflix
Executive Producer: Atsuhiro Iwakami, Takashi Nagai, Nori Kamiki
Producer: Yuhei Shinpei, Nagai Kazuagi
Animation Producer: Choi Eunyoung
Twitter:@ Devilman Cry Baby
© Go Nagai - Devilman Crybaby Project

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