The US Department of Agriculture permits the production and sale of cultured meat, and the meat grown in the bioreactor will be distributed as meat

It turns out that the US Department of Agriculture has granted production and sales permission to 'cultured meat' makers

UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat .

UPSIDE Foods | UPSIDE is approved for sale in the US!

GOOD Meat | GOOD Meat Gets Full Approval in the US for Cultivated Meat

US approves chicken made from cultivated cells, the nation's first 'lab-grown' meat | AP News

USDA allows lab-grown meat to be sold to US consumers | US news | The Guardian

“Cultivated meat” is meat that is made by culturing in a bioreactor using animal cells obtained from animals, fertilized eggs, cell banks, etc.

In Singapore, Eat Just, the parent company of GOOD Meat, has already been approved as a safe food by the Food Agency, and the United States will be the second country in the world where cultured meat is distributed.

``Cultured chicken'' chicken nuggets are the world's first to be approved by the authorities and commercialized - GIGAZINE

UPSIDE Foods described the USDA approval as a “historic milestone.”

UPSIDE Foods explains that 'cultured meat' is not 'meat substitute' but 'meat' itself, the only difference being the production method. The culturing process is like brewing beer, ``raising animal cells instead of growing yeast or bacteria,'' UPSIDE Foods said.

EPIC (Engineering, Production and Innovation Center) owned by UPSIDE Foods in the suburbs of San Francisco can produce up to 50,000 pounds (about 22.7 tons) of cultured meat per year, and up to 400,000 pounds ( 181.4 tons).

In the future, he plans to partner with Michelin three-star chef Dominic Clen to offer a cultured meat menu at Bar Clen in San Francisco.

On the other hand, GOOD Meats also started production of cultured meat to provide to the restaurant group run by chef Jose Andrés immediately after obtaining approval.

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