Apple reports that it will change the OS name of the AR / VR headset under development to ``xrOS'' and announce it as early as 2023

It has long been rumored that Apple is developing its own headset compatible with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and from Apple's trademark application, these headsets are 'Reality One' and 'Reality Pro It is clear that it is a name such as ' . Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that the name of the OS installed in the headset under development by Apple has been changed to ' xrOS '.

Apple Mixed-Reality Headset Rivaling Meta Set to Run 'xrOS' Operating System - Bloomberg

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Bloomberg's Marc Garman points out that Apple is developing a mixed reality (MR) headset that supports AR and VR as a major new product category since the Apple Watch was announced in 2015. I'm here. According to a person familiar with Apple's MR headset development, Apple may release an MR headset as early as 2023, and an application for distributing dedicated OS and third-party software accordingly. It seems that the store will also be announced.

It was clear from the repository created by Apple's account on GitHub that Apple was developing an OS named 'realityOS' as an OS for MR headsets. However, an anonymous official reveals that the name of this 'realityOS' has been changed to 'xrOS'.

It turns out that Apple is developing an OS 'realityOS' for VR / AR headset - GIGAZINE

In addition, this 'xr' is a term that includes both augmented reality and virtual reality, and it seems that the internal name of the OS for the MR headset developed by Meta was also 'XROS'. Meta's XROS development was reportedly canceled recently.

Report that Meta has blanked its own development project for AR / VR OS - GIGAZINE

According to Bloomberg, Apple is steadily preparing to enter the AR and VR markets. Apple's 2015 announcement of the Apple Watch has exploded sales in the company's 'other product category,' accounting for more than 10% of total sales in the fourth quarter of 2022 to $9.65 billion. (approximately 1.3 trillion yen).

Bloomberg points out that Apple's MR headset takes a different approach from VR-specific Meta and HTC headsets in that it supports both AR and VR. However, Meta has announced a new headset 'Quest Pro' that supports both VR and AR.

Meta's high-end VR device `` Quest Pro '' will be released on October 26, 2022, the price is 226,800 yen-GIGAZINE

According to Bloomberg, xrOS will include MR versions of core apps such as message apps and map apps, and will work with software development kits to allow third-party developers to develop their own apps and games. It is reported that the development of genuine applications for xrOS and MR is being done by a secret team led by Mike Rockwell, which Apple calls 'Technology Development Group (TDG)'.

In November 2022, it was also clear from Apple's job posting that the company was aiming to create its own 3D-based mixed reality world. According to people familiar with Apple's MR development, the MR headset offers virtual collaboration tools and a VR version of FaceTime, aiming to compete with tools such as Zoom and Horizon Workrooms.

It should be noted that at about the same time that Apple changed the name of realityOS to xrOS, it is also clear that a company called Deep Dive has applied for a trademark of 'xrOS' in several countries, and Apple is an MR headset Bloomberg reports that it is a proof that we are steadily preparing for the announcement of.

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