Apple has filed a trademark application for ``Reality One'' and ``Reality Pro'', and will the rumored AR headset soon appear?

Bloomberg reports that Apple, which has long been rumored to develop AR-VR ( MR ) headsets, has filed trademark applications for 'Reality One', 'Reality Pro' and 'Reality Processor'.

What Will Apple Call Its AR/VR Headsets? Reality One, Reality Pro Names Emerge - Bloomberg

Apple applies for AR headset name trademarks ahead of launch

Trademark filings point to 'Reality' branding for Apple's mixed reality headset - The Verge

Apple has long been reported to be developing AR headsets, VR headsets, and MR headsets with both AR and VR features. These headsets developed by Apple are reportedly equipped with a dedicated OS called 'realityOS', and the name of realityOS is also found in the upload log to the App Store. The name of the developer framework for AR released by Apple in 2019 is also ``RealityKit''.

It turns out that Apple is developing an OS 'realityOS' for VR / AR headset - GIGAZINE

Bloomberg reports that Apple's affiliated company 'Immersive Health Solutions' has applied for multiple trademarks bearing the name 'reality', which is the same as the OS for AR / VR headsets that Apple seems to be developing. increase. When companies like Apple apply for patents and trademarks, they often use paper companies to prevent information about the project from leaking, and Immersive Health Solutions is one of them, according to foreign media The Verge. pointing out.

According to reports, trademark applications were filed for 'Reality One', 'Reality Pro', 'Reality Processor', etc. At the time of writing the article, it seems that the trademark is under review. In addition to the United States, it has been confirmed that trademark applications have been filed in countries such as the EU, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. It seems that the trademark application states that it is a trademark related to 'AR and VR related headsets, goggles, glasses, smart glasses'.

From each name, it is expected that 'Reality One' will be Apple's first commercial AR headset, 'Reality Pro' will be the high-end model of Reality One, and 'Reality Processor' will be the processor for AR headsets. Rumor has it that these AR headsets will have ultra-high-resolution displays, one for each eye, one for each eye, as well as a number of cameras and sensors, and the Reality Processor will look a lot like the M2 that debuted in 2022. It is also rumored that it will be a chip with a different configuration. The Information also reported that Apple's first generation headset will also have a special coprocessor to manage the graphics pipeline .

It is also reported that Apple is working with Hollywood movie directors to produce video content for AR / VR headsets.

Report that Apple is producing video content for VR / AR headset with Hollywood director - GIGAZINE

Apple's AR headset is most likely to be announced in the spring of 2023, ``Don't expect it to appear at the iPhone launch event in early September 2022,'' reports Apple-related media 9to5Mac.

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