Earon Mask mentions that there is a possibility of making ``smartphone that rivals iPhone and Android''

Mr. Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter on October 27, 2022, implemented reforms such as conducting a large-scale personnel reduction after the acquisition and starting a new Twitter Blue where you can get an authenticated badge for 1200 yen per month. We are. Mr. Mask mentioned the possibility of developing a smartphone that will compete with the iPhone and Android that dominate the smartphone market.

Elon Musk may produce iPhone & Android competitor if Twitter is booted from App Store - 9to5Mac

In November 2022, after completing the acquisition of Twitter, Mr. Mask conducted a questionnaire on Twitter on whether to revive former President Trump's Twitter account. The survey received a large number of yes votes, so the former President Trump's Twitter account was revived.

Earon Mask revives former President Trump's Twitter account that has been permanently frozen - GIGAZINE

In addition, Mr. Mask also conducted a questionnaire in the form of a questionnaire asking, ``Should Twitter offer a pardon for temporarily suspended accounts unless it violates the law or is involved in malicious spamming?' Since this survey also received a large number of yes votes, Mr. Mask promises to revive accounts that have been temporarily frozen in the past. However, some experts are concerned that reviving a temporarily suspended account means that a malicious account that has been harassing and spreading misinformation will be revived on Twitter. voices were raised.

Elon Mask announces that he will revive people who were banned on Twitter, and there are voices that fear that malicious users exiled due to harassment and discrimination will return - GIGAZINE

Apple Fellow Philip Schiller responded immediately to Mr. Mask's movement. He deleted his Twitter account without any explanation as to why, but it is believed that he disliked the move, as it was shortly after Musk reinstated former President Trump's Twitter account. I'm here.

As soon as President Trump's account was revived on Twitter, Apple's Phil Schiller closed his Twitter account, the beginning of the battle between Earon Mask and Apple / Google - GIGAZINE

In addition, since Mr. Mask made it possible for anyone to obtain an authenticated badge on Twitter Blue, a large number of spoofed accounts with authenticated badges occurred on Twitter, and major advertising agencies etc. It is reported that it recommends “stop advertising on Twitter”.

Mr. Mask often claims that he bought Twitter to protect ``freedom of speech'', but as a result, a large number of ``malicious impersonation accounts'' and ``users who perform malicious harassment'' occur on Twitter. It's getting dangerous. As a result, it has been pointed out that Twitter is more likely to conflict with the guidelines of official app stores such as Apple's App Store and Google's Google Play, and some experts say, ``Apple and Google have banned Twitter from the app store. We should start seriously considering doing it.'

After it was reported that 'the Twitter app may be expelled from the App Store and Google Play', Liz Wheeler, the host of the popular podcast The Liz Wheeler Show , said, 'Apple and Google have banished the Twitter app from the app store. Elon Musk would have to create his own smartphone, and half of the American population would happily abandon their surveillance-loving iPhones and Androids.Musk would fly to Mars. I'm developing a rocket, so it's easy to make a small smartphone, right?' he tweeted. Mr. Mask then replied, ``I hope that won't happen, but if there are no other options, I will develop an alternative smartphone.''

In the past, Mr. Mask has complained that the fees charged by the App Store and Google Play for third-party apps are too high, so he has said, ``Mr. Mask will not develop his own smartphone. There was a rumor that

However, Apple-related media 9to5Mac points out that 'these are just ideas and are unlikely to come true.' One of the reasons for this is that Android, the OS for smartphones developed by Google, allows applications to be distributed in APK file format without distributing the application on the official application store Google Play. He also points out that Twitter will not be accessible from the smartphone's browser application, so even if the Twitter application is no longer distributed on the app store, it will not take the roundabout measures of developing a smartphone.

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