Elon Musk reinstates ex-President Trump's permanently frozen Twitter account

Twitter had permanently frozen

`` @realDonaldTrump '', the official account of former President Donald Trump, but Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter, asked users, ``Restore Donald Trump's Twitter account? ”, and the freeze was lifted because there was a majority of approval.

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Former President Trump's Twitter account was permanently frozen in January 2021. The reason for the freeze was that former President Trump tweeted about the attack on the US Capitol in January 2021. Because there is,' he explained. In addition, it was not only Twitter that shut out former President Trump from the platform in response to the attack on the US Capitol, but Facebook, Twitch, and Shopify also banned his related accounts indefinitely .

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However, Mr. Musk had indicated his intention to lift the permanent freeze on former President Trump even before completing the acquisition of Twitter .

Then, on November 19, 2022, Mr. Mask conducted a questionnaire on his Twitter account to ``restore former President Trump (Twitter account)''. The survey received more than 15 million votes, with a final result of 51.8% in favor and 48.2% against.

As a result, former President Trump's Twitter account has been lifted from permanent freeze. In releasing the permanent freeze, Mr. Musk quotes a phrase that means 'the voice of the people, the voice of God' in Latin.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) / Twitter

In addition, Mr. Mask, who mentioned that he would lift the permanent freeze of former President Trump's Twitter account before the acquisition, has also announced changes to the platform's policy with the acquisition of Twitter. Mr. Mask said on November 19, 2022, ``The new Twitter policy guarantees freedom of speech, but it does not guarantee freedom of contact. will be disabled, so there will be no Twitter ads or other revenue generated, and you will no longer be able to find these tweets unless you specifically search for them, just like the rest of the internet,' said Twitter's new I tweeted about my policy.

Until now, Twitter has taken various measures to eliminate tweets that promote hate speech and violence from its platform. However, Mr. Musk's new Twitter policy allows these tweets to be posted. However, it seems that tweets will be difficult to see.

Former President Trump, whose Twitter account has been permanently frozen, has launched his own SNS called ' Truth Social ' and frequently posts on this Truth Social. Former President Trump's account on Truth Social quoted Musk's poll tweet, saying, 'Vote positively now. But don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. Truth Social is special! ”, We are asking you to actively participate in the questionnaire in order to lift the permanent freeze.

According to data from the research company SensorTower, former President Trump's Truth Social has been downloaded by about 3.7 million people as of September 2022.

Earon Mask revives former President Trump's Twitter account, but he has no intention of returning - GIGAZINE

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