Elon Musk claims that ``Apple has threatened to shut it out of the App Store,'' and reports that it has almost stopped advertising on Twitter

Regarding Twitter and Apple, there is a subtle atmosphere, such as

Apple's Phil Schiller deleting the account as soon as Twitter's Elon Musk CEO revived former President Trump's account. Under such circumstances, Mask CEO reveals that Apple's advertising has almost stopped and that he was threatened to `` shut Twitter out of the App Store ''.

Elon Musk implies Apple hates free speech after 'mostly stopped' advertising on Twitter - 9to5Mac

Elon Musk says Apple has 'threatened to withhold Twitter' from the App Store - The Verge

Mr. Mask's tweet said, `` Apple has almost stopped advertising on Twitter.Do you hate freedom of speech in the United States?

An hour before Musk made the tweet, Hannah Murphy of the news site Financial Times said, ``According to a senior advertising executive, Mr. Apparently, some companies are minimizing their spending to avoid facing Mr. Mask.' increase.

Following this, Mr. Mask tweeted, 'Apple has threatened to shut Twitter out of the App Store. I don't know why.'

Apple has not commented on this matter at the time of writing.

For Twitter, Apple was the largest advertiser, bringing in $50 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2022 alone. The number of users is increasing, but it is reported that many advertisers are leaving , and there are concerns about the impact.

In addition, Mr. Mask has tweeted that if Twitter is deleted from app stores such as Google Play and the App Store and there are no more options, he will make a smartphone, so shut out from the App Store to 'Twitter Phone' can be the first step in

Elon Mask mentions that there is a possibility of making a ``smartphone that rivals iPhone and Android''-GIGAZINE

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