I tried Kentucky Fried Chicken `` Red Hot Stick '', which is a size that makes it easy to eat spicy `` Red Hot Chicken ''

`` Red Hot Stick '' has been released as a new product for Kentucky Fried Chicken in limited quantities from November 2, 2022 (Wednesday). The popular '

Red Hot Chicken ' is a size that is easy to eat, and not only the batter but also the chicken itself is well seasoned. It is said that you can easily enjoy it, so I actually tried it.

[A must-see for red hot chicken fans! ] The popular dry chicken is now available in an easy-to-eat size! 'Red Hot Stick' will be released in limited quantities from Wednesday, November 2 | KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd. KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.

Arrived at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I bought 'Red Hot Stick' at once. As the name suggests, the past 'Red Hot Chicken' was more red in appearance than the original chicken, but the 'Red Hot Stick' has a color similar to the original chicken.

The size is about 9cm.

When you actually eat it, it features a crisper texture than the original chicken and red hot chicken. As for the spiciness, there is a feeling of tingling in the mouth due to chili peppers and habanero. Although the spiciness is strong, it is not so spicy that the tongue is still tingling even after a while after eating. Now that the chicken has become an easy-to-eat size, it can be eaten like a snack.

'Red Hot Stick' can be purchased at Kentucky Fried Chicken nationwide from November 2, 2022 (Wednesday). The price is 190 yen including tax for 'Red Hot Stick', 350 yen for 'Red Hot Stick 2 Piece', and 500 yen for 'Red Hot Stick 3 Piece'. In addition, you can order the 'Red Hot Stick Set' for 750 yen and the 'Red Hot Stick Pack' for 1200 yen.

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