Amazon Echo finally supports smart home standard 'Matter'

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), which formulates standards and Matter for smart homes, announced on November 3, 2022 that products compatible with Matter will be released for the first time. Along with this, Amazon has announced that 17 models of Amazon Echo and smart home products will support Matter.

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Matter officially launches with strong support from Amazon, Samsung, Philips, and others

CSA is a standardization organization whose predecessor was `` Connected Home over IP (CHIPS) '', an organization launched by companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon with the aim of standardizing smart home standards. It was launched in 2021.

IoT standards group in which Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. participate reorganizes and announces new standard ``Matter'' for smart home - GIGAZINE

In October 2022, CSA announced the specification of 'Matter 1.0' as a standard for smart homes. Until now, there were many cases where smart home communication protocols differed depending on the manufacturer, but Matter enables interoperability between various manufacturers and IoT platforms, making it easy to configure and control devices.

A new standard for IoT ``Matter 1.0'' has started and it is possible to use it when the internet connection is down, and Google immediately announces new products including Matter support - GIGAZINE

According to CSA, the Matter specification has already been downloaded more than 4400 times, and the software development kit (SDK) has been downloaded more than 2500 times. Matter's certification program is both hardware and software, and at the time of writing the article is held in 16 labs in 9 countries. According to CSA, 190 products have been certified or are in the certification process at the time of writing the article.

In addition, Amazon, one of the CSA participating companies, announced that the smart home standard `` Works with Alexa '' certified products that can work with voice assistant AI Alexa will be compatible with Matter. By the end of 2022, 17 models of Amazon Echo, smart plugs, smart switches, smart light bulbs, etc. will be compatible with Matter via Wi-Fi, and will be configurable only with the Android version application. The rest of the devices will be supported in early 2023, along with iOS app support.

'As smart homes continue to explode in popularity thanks to services like Alexa, Matter makes development even easier for manufacturers, and allows a wide range of companies and brands to build Creating new opportunities to enhance the customer experience of the smart home devices it offers.As a CSA board member, CSA founding company, and longtime contributor to Matter, Amazon has brought Matter to over 100 million Echos, helping customers We look forward to making it easy to configure and control Matter Certified smart home devices.'

“This is a major inflection point for the IoT,” said Tobin Richardson, CEO of CSA. 'To make it happen, we need to work together. Through partnerships, inclusivity, and greater responsibility to the market and consumers, Matter has the power to make smart homes more connected, safer and more useful.' I commented.

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