Fake news with Hideo Kojima assassinating former Prime Minister Abe has been released from the media, and Kojima Productions has announced that it will consider legal measures.

On July 8, 2022, a

former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was giving a speech in Nara City, Nara Prefecture, was shot and later died . While this incident in Japan is being reported all over the world, fake news that the game creator Hideo Kojima , who is known as the creator of the Metal Gear series and DEATH STRANDING , is the assassin of former Prime Minister Abe is flowing. As a result, Kojima Productions , the game studio he launched, has developed a statement saying that he is 'considering legal measures against fake news.'

Kojima Productions responds to false news reports linking founder to Shinzo Abe assassination | PC Gamer

Hideo Kojima's studio says it will consider'legal action' after fake assassin posts circulate --The Verge

On July 8, 2022, former Prime Minister Abe, who was giving a speech in Nara City, died after being taken to a hospital after being taken to a hospital after being shot by a self-made gun and seriously injured by Tetsuya Yamagami (41 years old). The state of the scene at the time of the incident is summarized in the following article.

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was attacked during the speech and was unconscious or shot-GIGAZINE

After this incident was reported all over the world, 4chan users of overseas bulletin board sites posted fake images that linked 'Hideo Kojima's face' and 'shooter's face'. This fake image reply also includes a photo of Kojima wearing a Soviet hat and a photo of Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara.

After these fake images were released, French comedian Georges Jordito said on Twitter, 'I just uploaded an image of the creator of metal gear, and Keisuke Honda, a former AC Milan player, was the assassin of Shinzo Abe. When I tweeted, these tweets were judged as fake news. This was just a joke, everyone. Do I think soccer players are stupid enough to think of them as assassins? ' He explained that he posted 'a fake image with Kojima as an assassin' and 'a light talk about Honda as an assassin' on Twitter with just a joke.

However, when the image posted by Jordito was misunderstood by French far-right politician Damien Rieu and tweeted, the fake news that 'Director Kojima is the assassin of former Prime Minister Abe' is It will be reported to the media in Greece and Iran.

The coverage by ANT1 TV of Greek media has already been deleted, but you can check what kind of coverage it was from the Internet archives by clicking the image below.

After that, Rieu noticed that the content of his tweet was fake news and deleted the tweet. He also told Kojima, 'I misunderstood the joke as the correct information and spread it. I don't think I can have humor about the assassination of former Prime Minister Abe, so check the facts before sharing the information. I think it was a mistake not to do it. I would like to apologize to Director Kojima and the fans of Metal Gear. '

However, in response to the spread of fake news, Kojima Productions 'strongly condemns the spread of fake news that conveys false information. We do not tolerate such defamation and in some cases take legal action. I will consider it. '

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