'Fake footage of Ukrainian President Zelensky calling on people to surrender' has been released and Facebook has been deleted

Using the figure of President Zelensky of Ukraine, a situation occurred in which deep fake images calling for surrender to the Ukrainian people appeared. Facebook is taking immediate steps to identify and remove this footage.

Ukraine war: Deepfake video of Zelenskyy telling Ukrainians to'lay down arms' debunked | World News | Sky News


Facebook removes'deepfake' of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy --The Verge

According to the news site Sky News, the video was released on the website of the Ukrainian news channel '24 Канал (24TV)' and then spread online. It has been pointed out that '24 Канал' was hacked.

The video that actually spread is as follows. To avoid misunderstandings, journalist Mikael Thalen uses a tweet published with the words 'DEEP FAKE' in it, but the original video is textless. The fake President Zelensky stated that he had 'decided to return Donbas (eastern Ukraine) to Russia' and 'should leave his weapons and return to his family. It is not worth dying in this war. I The advice from us is to 'live.' I will do that too. '

As you can see from the video, President Zelensky in the video has a strange balance between his head and body, and the lighting is unnatural. The voice is also different from that of the person himself.

Nathaniel Glacier, head of security policy at Meta, which runs Facebook, reports that the management team has identified and deleted footage of a speech that was not by President Zelensky himself. At the same time, it also notified other platform operators.

President Zelensky himself responded to the existence of Deepfake and posted a video on Instagram saying, 'We are protecting our land, our children, our families. We will not put our weapons until we win.'

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