Amazon launches invitation-based ordering option to compete with reseller bots hoarding PS5 and Xbox Series X

The latest game consoles such as PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X continue to be difficult to obtain due to the effects of '

insufficient supply of semiconductors ' and ' buying up by resellers .' Some consumer electronics retailers sell PS5 only by lottery as a measure against resellers, but it became clear that Amazon is trying to counter this by providing an invitation-based ordering option.

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In recent years, popular products such as PS5 and new sneakers may not be available on the market. The Verge of overseas media points out that this is largely influenced by the bulk purchase (All-in-One: AIO) bot used by resellers.

What is the 'AIO bot' that spreads among resellers that cause shortages such as PS5 and Xbox Series X? --GIGAZINE

It is clear that Amazon is beginning to introduce an invitation-based ordering system to counter the fully automated hoarding of products using such bots. When you jump to the product page from the invitation link and press the button that says 'Request invitation', 'I requested an invitation. Thank you. Next, I will confirm my account. The invitation is several factors. We cannot predict the waiting time because it depends on the product. If you are invited, you will receive an email with a link that is valid for 72 hours. ' After that, only users who have cleared the account verification process will receive a link that allows them to purchase products.

At the time of writing the article, this invitation system is valid only for 'the case of purchasing PS5 in the United States'. However, TechSpot, a technology media company, points out that the system will be available on the Xbox Series X within a few days. In addition, Amazon seems to be planning to expand the invitation system in countries other than the United States, and it seems that the system will be available for products with high demand such as PS5. In addition, the invitation system does not distinguish customers by whether they are Prime users or not.

Amazon told TechCrunch , an overseas media company, 'By using the invitation system, resellers don't have to worry about reselling products at much higher prices.'

The supply problems for the PS5 and Xbox Series X have improved in recent months, but Sony has yet to produce enough PS5 to perfectly meet consumer demand. So, 'Amazon users will rely on the invitation system for some time,' TechSpot wrote.

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