I tried Lotteria 'Summer Shrimp Sandwich' and 'Shrimp Tsukushi Burger' where you can enjoy the taste of shrimp with avocado and chili sauce.

Lotteria, a hamburger chain, used plenty of shrimp such as ' Summer Shrimp Sand ', ' Avocado Sauce Tartar Shrimp Burger ', 'Shrimp Shrimp Burger ' and ' Popcorn Shrimp (2 bottles) ' from Thursday, May 12, 2022. Four new menus have appeared. You can enjoy 'Popcorn Shrimp' which is fried whiteleg

shrimp and 'Shrimp Patty' which is also made of whiteleg shrimp with coarse bread crumbs, and you can enjoy it with Lotteria's original avocado sauce and sweet chili sauce. I tried it.

~ 50th anniversary of founding! 'New shrimp' is now available in Lotteria! ~ 'Summer Shrimp Sandwich' 'Avocado Sauce Tartar Shrimp Burger' 'Popcorn Shrimp (2 Pieces)' From Thursday, May 12, 2022 ... | Campaign | Lotteria

~ 50th anniversary of founding! Introducing a new burger where you can fully enjoy Lotteria's 'new shrimp'! -'Well-made shrimp burger' will be on sale for a limited time from May 12, 2022 (Thursday)! | Campaign | Lotteria

Arrived at Lotteria.

I bought 'Summer Shrimp Sandwich', 'Avocado Sauce Tartar Shrimp Burger', 'Shrimp Shrimp Burger' and 'Popcorn Shrimp (2 bottles)' as a takeaway.

First of all, from 'Summer Shrimp Sand'.

The diameter of the burger is about 9 cm.

Two popcorn shrimp with fried whiteleg shrimp of about 8-9 cm are sandwiched between them, and Lotteria's original avocado sauce, sweet chili sauce, and shredded cabbage are combined.

When I try to eat it, the crispy shrimp umami wrapped in crispy clothes and the chili sauce flavor with a spicy spiciness in the sweetness go well together. The avocado flavor and the crunchy cabbage texture are also nice accents.

Next is 'Avocado Sauce Tartar Shrimp Burger'. The size of the burger is the same as the 'summer shrimp sandwich'.

When you lift the buns, you'll find a large shrimp patty and shredded cabbage inside, which is a combination of Lotteria's original tartar sauce and avocado sauce.

From the crispy shrimp patty on the surface, you can feel the rich taste of shrimp. The burger has a gentle taste overall, but the jalapeno, which has a slight effect on the avocado sauce, and the chopped onions and black pepper in the tartar sauce are also nice accents.

Next, I'll try 'Well-made shrimp burger'.

The diameter of the burger is the same as 'Summer Shrimp Sand' and 'Avocado Sauce Tartar Shrimp Burger', but this one has 2 popcorn shrimp and shrimp patty, which is suitable for the name of 'Shrimp burger', so the volume is large. I have.

The sauce uses tartar sauce, sweet chili sauce, and avocado sauce.

When you try it, the shrimp's pre-prepared texture and slight sweetness spread throughout your mouth, making it an excellent burger that is irresistible for shrimp lovers. It was felt that the mixed sauce did not interfere with the taste of the shrimp, but rather enhanced the taste of the shrimp.

In addition, popcorn shrimp can be ordered separately as 'popcorn shrimp (2 bottles)'. You can choose your favorite sauce from tartar sauce, sweet chili sauce, and avocado sauce, but since you can only choose one type for each 'popcorn shrimp (2 bottles)', you can conquer 3 types of sauce. If you want to, you need to order 3 'Popcorn Shrimp (2 bottles)'.

You can dip into various sauces and personally find and enjoy the best match combination.

'Summer Shrimp Sandwich', 'Avocado Sauce Tartare Shrimp Burger', 'Popcorn Shrimp (2 Pieces)' and 'Shrimp Shrimp Burger' are all available for a limited time from May 12, 2022 (Thursday) at Saitama Super Arena. , Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis FS store, ZOZO Marine Stadium store can be purchased at Lotteria nationwide. The standard tax rate of 10% is applied, 'Summer Shrimp Sand' is 420 yen including tax, 'Avocado Sauce Tartare Shrimp Burger' is 420 yen including tax, 'Popcorn Shrimp (2 bottles)' is 270 yen including tax, 'Good Bari Shrimp Burger' Is 680 yen, and a reduced tax rate of 8% will be applied in the case of takeout.

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