Pokemon Co., Ltd. acquires a printing company for Pokemon card games

It is reported that Pokemon Co.,

Ltd., which operates a business related to Pokemon , has succeeded in acquiring a company in charge of printing Pokemon card games , which is an official trading card game.

The Pokémon Company Acquires the Company Behind Its Trading Cards --IGN

According to a report from gamesindustry.biz, Millennium Print Group , a printing company based in North Carolina, USA, has been acquired by Pokemon Co., Ltd. The acquisition price is unknown, but the Millennium Print Group will continue to operate independently.

Millennium Print Group is a company that has been in charge of printing Pokemon card games since 2015. According to Kenji Okubo, president of The Pokémon Company International, an American corporation of Pokemon Co., Ltd., the acquisition of Millennium Print Group will enable more efficient printing of Pokemon card games in the future.

President Okubo said, 'The talented team of Millennium Print Group has been an internationally important partner of Pokemon Co., Ltd. for many years and has helped to provide Pokemon card games with the quality that fans expect.' 'Our goal is It's about strengthening the way organizations work together and bringing the highest quality Pokemon card games to market while working more meaningfully. '' At the same time, we bring Millennium Print Group to Pokemon Co., Ltd., but all our customers. We aim to develop as a larger, cutting-edge organization as an excellent organization that can bring about. '

More than 25 years have passed since the Pokemon card game was released, but its popularity continues to grow even at the time of writing the article. The popularity of Pokemon card games is evident in the soaring prices of cards and the frequent theft cases .

Why are Pokemon cards still popular as they celebrate their 25th anniversary? --GIGAZINE

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