Nintendo has removed 'Video emulating Nintendo Switch with Steam Deck'

Released on February 25, 2022, 'Steam Deck' is a portable gaming PC equipped with a Linux-based OS. It is reported that the movie that explains in detail how to actually play by introducing the Nintendo Switch emulator to such Steam Deck was deleted due to copyright infringement.

Nintendo started blocking videos that show emulation of Switch on Steam Deck | ResetEra

Nintendo Is Removing Switch Emulation Videos On Steam Deck

Steam Deck comes with 'Steam OS' based on Arch Linux . Also, although the Steam client is closed, SteamOS itself is developed in open source, and users can freely modify and build the source code. The openness and modizability of SteamOS is acknowledged by Valve founder Gabe Newell.

Valve founder talks about 'Steam Deck', a mobile gaming machine that allows you to play PC games anytime, anywhere-GIGAZINE

YouTube user The Phawx posted a video showing how to install and use the Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu on Steam Deck, but it was quickly removed for copyright reasons. However, the short movie that just runs the Nintendo Switch emulator remains undeleted.


I've also posted a place where the original Xbox emulator is running, but it hasn't been removed either.

Steam Deck --Xbox Emulation With Xemu! How To Guide! --YouTube

Yuzu had previously been equipped with online multiplayer capabilities, but was quickly removed and the development team even announced an apology.

Nintendo Switch emulator 'yuzu' supports online multiplayer but removed with haste-GIGAZINE

Even if the emulator itself is not illegal, the problem is that it can be used in such a way as to infringe copyright, such as playing illegally copied game software. Therefore, Nintendo has been cracking down on emulators that can be used illegally and illegal ROM data for a long time, and while the Game Boy emulator with famous software loaded in advance was released on GitHub in 2015, I am submitting a deletion request.

Nintendo submits a request to remove the Game Boy emulator to GitHub-GIGAZINE

He also filed a lawsuit against a pirated site that distributes illegal ROMs for games, and won damages of over 200 million yen.

Nintendo wins the game's pirated distribution site and wins damages of over 200 million yen-GIGAZINE

In addition, The Phawx has succeeded in running the Nintendo 3DS software on Steam Deck.

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