'IRA Design' where you can get flat design illustrations that can be used for free for commercial use in your favorite color scheme

' IRA Design ' is a service that allows you to decide the color scheme of 30 types of illustrations and download them when you want to use simple image illustrations on websites and materials. The illustrations can be downloaded for free and can be used for commercial purposes.

IRA Design --Build your own amazing illustrations @ Creative Tim


When I access IRA Design, it looks like this. To see the illustrations provided, click 'GALLERY' in the top menu.

There are 30 types of illustrations. It is an illustration of a flat design that summarizes the background, people, and things.

Click '[' on the right side of the screen ...

A color palette has come out. You can change the four types of trousers, T-shirts, hair, and things to five colors: purple, blue, green, orange, and red. When all are set to purple, it looks like the following.

The following is the place where I set all items to green in the color palette.

When I set my pants to red, my T-shirt to green, my hair to blue, and my thing to orange, it looked like this.

You can download in PNG format or SVG format by hovering the mouse cursor over the illustration you want to download.

Also, if you click 'DOWNLOADS' at the top of the site, all 30 types of illustrations in the default color can be downloaded in PNG format, SVG format, or both (ALL) at once in ZIP format. It also contains uncolored outline-only materials, which is useful for those who want to create their own color scheme.

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