"Color Supply" which enables you to move your color charts globally to find the color scheme you like

When creating a variety of coloring patterns to be helpful in design, illustration, fashion etc. and using the created color scheme, it is possible to display up to the sample "What kind of design can you make?"Color Supply"is.

Color Supply

The top page of "Color Supply" looks something like this.

There are twelve color hue ring charts at the top and 20 different color combinations based on the selected color.

Below that there is an example that uses the selected color scheme, and it is easy to imagine "What kind of design will be used with this color scheme?"

Below that, the color code of the selected color, saturation and lightness are displayed in a gradation.

Clicking the bullet on the hue circle ...

The color scheme base changed from red to green.

Furthermore, if you select one from the 20 types of color scheme beside the color circle ... ...

You can see design examples, color codes, gradations due to saturation and brightness with the color scheme that arranges based on the selected color scheme (red and green in the following case).

Black circles on the hue circle can also be moved by dragging. This allows you to freely change the color scheme.

In the initial state, it is designed to create a color scheme using two colors that are in complementary colors in the hue circle, but this can be changed freely. There are five kinds of color scheme, and it is "Complementary" to use two colors which are complementary colors.

"Analogus" can create color scheme using three adjacent colors.

"Triad" creates a color pattern with three colors so as to make an equilateral triangle on the hue circle of 12 colors.

"Split-Complement" is a coloring pattern that uses three colors in total, the color that is selected and the color that comes on both sides of its complementary color.

"Square" creates a color scheme with four colors so as to make a rectangle on the hue circle of 12 colors.

It is possible to see in the following movie how actually making various color scheme on Color Supply.

"Color Supply" to create various color scheme - YouTube

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