"Hero Patterns" that you can customize and download repeated background patterns that you can use for free on your website

It is possible to download various kinds of repeating background patterns that you want to use on the website, customize the opacity of color combinations and patterns freely,Hero Patterns"is. In addition to downloading SVG format files, you can also copy and paste CSS code.

Hero Patterns

On the webpage in the default state, the background pattern of light blue and somewhat dark blue is lining up. If there are simple things such as checkered pattern and cross pattern ... ...

There are also pop patterns such as gears, diamonds and leaves.

Using the tool at the top of the screen, you can change the color of the background and patterns. I tried to make the handle color green.

In addition, change the background color.

You can also adjust the opacity of the handle. The following is a slightly diluted look.

When opacity is raised, the pattern appears clearly.

Also, by clicking "Use Pattern" at the lower right of each background ... ...

You can download customized backgrounds yourself or get CSS code. The final background adjustment can be done here as well.

In addition to downloading SVG data by pressing "Download unstyled SVG" in the upper right, it is OK even if you copy and paste the CSS code in the text field.

There are 62 kinds of background patterns themselves, but by changing color and opacity, you can get various background patterns for free.

The background pattern is still updated at any time.

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