A movie that is seen from the first person's perspective viewing how to climb famous buildings and cranes without a lifeline like Spider-Man is astounded tension

YouTuber's DyingLlama is opening up the scenery which climbs without familiarity to famous architecture and cranes in the city without a lifeline, and it is unusual to see in ordinary places. I created an account on YouTube on September 1, 2015, but at the time of writing an article that passed 1 year and 4 months after that, it already had over 220,000 subscribers and over 7 million total viewers It boasts an extremely popular popularity.

DyingLlama - YouTube

There is an account of Instagram, and photographs such as the scenery which can be seen from building etc. climbed by DyingLlama are released.

DyingLlama (@ dyingllama) • Instagram photos and videos

What kind of building DyingLlama is climbing is as follows.

For example the following movie is from London, EnglandQueen Elizabeth Olympic ParkA picture of how to climb a crane in. During the movie, DyingLlama's footsteps climbing the crane are often reflected, but obviously there is no life styles, etc. In such a state, in such a state, lightly move a bad place of the scaffold of hundreds of meters from the ground As you see, there is a feeling of tension that makes hand sweat stop even if you are watching a movie.


It extends to the city of London ......

It seems to climb a crane on this building.

It seems that construction around the building is under construction ......

I climb the fence and go inside.

Climbing stairs and ladders ... ...

I came up to the crane that appeared on the roof of the building.

DyingLlama who starts climbing to the crane without putting a haircut as it is.

Looking down, you can see that there is considerable height with this feeling.

The return point of the crane. There is still ahead.

In the movie you can see the appearance of DyingLlama who climbs the crane many times, but it is a rough figure of sneakers to the chino pans and it is not a figure of a man who challenges to die if it makes a very mistake.

Since there is a foothold up to the middle of the crane, it is caught by this and is climbing.

Even just watching DyingLlama's challenge through the movie has a sense of tension that makes hand sweat stop stopping.

At last we arrived at the top of the crane.

Something hard to see.

And DyingLlama was going back the way he came.

In addition to climbing up to the crane in various places, it is a continuation of unbelievable scenes for people with a high-fear horror.

Sketchiest Crane (110 m) - YouTube

Sunrise Crane Climb (130 m) - YouTube

Crane Ting (140 m) - YouTube

Edge Of London (150 meters) - YouTube

Crane Climb (120 m) - Vlog - YouTube


Thameside Crane Climb (120 meters) - YouTube

LLOYDS (100 m) - YouTube


190 m Sunset Crane Climb - London - YouTube

Pictures that seems to have been taken while climbing the crane are published on Instagram's account, and I cut out the landscape of the city from an incredible angle.

A half decent photo of me

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Paronamic lel

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From my new vid

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So many cranesss + Q & amp; A is going to be up tomorrow!

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New video link in bio! Do not know how we managed this ...

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DyingLlama is climbing not only cranes, but this is also a multipurpose arena in LondonThe · O 2 ArenaA movie that took a picture of climbing to.


The whole view of The O2 Arena seems to be relatively easy to climb up than a crane with such feeling.

ByJim Linwood

A photograph taken from the top of The O2 Arena is open to the account of Instagram, and you can see something like a yellow tower stretching like a dome shaped The O2 arena.

Should I be a dick to other explorers and make a video?

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In addition, it also climbs the Emirates Stadium which is the home stadium of football club Arsenal FC based in London, England, and the movie containing the appearance is watched over 900,000 times in 3 weeks from the release.


Jump from the outside of the stadium and put a hand on the grid ......

It conveys a little unevenness ... ...

Invade into the stadium.

Open tobira ... ....

As I headed back to Don Dong, I could see the audience seats in the stadium.

Successful invasion into the interior of nobody's stadium.

I have a camera at hand and it seems that I am shooting the situation inside the stadium with this.

Move further in the stadium ......

I came under the light bulletin board.

Screw body into small gap ......

The crowd found a ladder heading to the roof of the stadium that would be off limits.

Move the baggage from the gap that humans can not pass ......

Finally I arrived at the rooftop of the stadium.

A spectacle from a viewpoint which is hard to see is expanded.

From here we will also walk on the steel frame at the top of the stadium.

It seems that the shoes are taking off in order to walk on the cylinder.

It is reported that Arsenal FC invaded the Emirates Stadium of the home stadium is considering reviewing security to prevent similar cases from occurring again.

Arsenal investigate security after climber DyingLlama breaks into Emirates Stadium | Daily Mail Online

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