An innovative seat "Side-Slip Seat" bringing the airline's "seat in the middle" as a special seat to the airline and passengers

Even in a narrow airplane seat, the "middle seat" of the three row seat is subject to pressure by being sandwiched between the right and left, and there is no view like a window seat, and there is no view like a passage seat It is an unpopular seat called last resort when there are no vacant seats on both sides because of triple fight that there is not easyy. However, by introducing a movable system while giving a slight sense of premium to the middle seat, a magic sheet that realizes a large cost reduction for airlines while increasing the satisfaction of airplane users "Side-Slip Seat"Has been devised.

Side-Slip Seat
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Molon Labe Side - Slip Airline Seat Improves Boarding, Middle Row | Money

You can see what sheet design "Side-Slip Seat" is in one shot by watching the following movie.

Introducing the Side - Slip Seat - YouTube

There are three row seats that are often found on airplanes. The seat at the center is unpopular because there is a feeling of pressure.

"Side-Slip Seat" which make this central seat more comfortable has adopted a design that the seat height of the seat in the center seat is slightly lowered.

Common 3 row seats are all the same width as 18 inches (about 46 centimeters).

On the other hand, "Side-Slip Seat" is 21 inches (about 53 centimeters) wide and widens the feeling.

And the biggest advantage of "Side-Slip Seat" is that the seat on the aisle side can be slid and stacked in the center seat by having a step on the seating surface of both sides and the center seat. This makes it possible to widen the width of the aisle when passengers get on and off.

You can understand the merit of "Side-Slip Seat" where you can lay a seat on the aisle side by looking at the following movie.

Loading and Aircraft with the Side-Slip Seat - YouTube

Sliding the aisles on the aisle side, it is practically like right and left with 2 rows of seats.

The aisle is spacious and it is a width that you can also mingle with people.

Of course it is also OK to partly form a three-row seat.

If it is "Side-Slip Seat", even if there are people who take the package out of the shelf ... ...

People can pass next to that. With this, the passage after the landing is no longer a heavy traffic jam.

If it is "Side-Slip Seat" which makes it easy to change the 3-row seat to the 2-row seat, it seems to be able to adjust the number of seats according to the route and to accommodate more wheelchair users. Furthermore, for airlines that pay parking fees to airports on a time basis, it is said that smooth passenger entry and exit will have a significant impact on airport use costs. If you can reduce the wasted cost of an average of 81.18 dollars (about 9000 yen) per minute, which arises from the extension of parking time, an airline that flies 1,000 flights a day will cost $ 225 million a year (about 25 billion yen It is estimated that cost savings are also possible.

"Side-Slip Seat" is a concept invented by the design company Coloradan, but it may be adopted by airlines in the near future.

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