SVG format icon set with more than 200 types of open source available for free "Clarity Icons"

More than 200 beautifulSVGIcon set of icons in format "Clarity IconsOpen source design systemClarity Design SystemIt is open to the public.

Clarity Design System

"Clarity Icons" contains over 200 icons in total, and icons can be downloaded by type. There are seven types of icons, "Core Shapes", "Commerce Shapes", "Essential Shapes", "Media Shapes", "Social Shapes", "Travel Shapes", "Technology Shapes", and there are also more variations. The types of icons included in Clarity Icons are as follows.

There are 29 types of "Core Shapes" in all

12 types of "Commerce Shapes"

Essential Shapes 85 kinds

There are 16 types of "Media Shapes"

20 types of "Social Shapes"

There are 6 types of "Travel Shapes"

"Technology Shapes" 62 kinds

Click "Solid" at the top of Clarity Icons page ......

The appearance of some icons changes as follows.

In addition, in the initial state is the variation of the icon is set to "none" ......

When "badge" is selected, some icons change as follows.

If you select "alert", it changes to other variations.

You can download all the icons from "DOWNLOAD ALL SVG SETS" at the top of the screen at once.

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