I tried 'Mister Donut Ice Bar' which expresses Mister Donut's classic donut with crunchy chocolate crunch and smooth chocolate ice cream

Morinaga & Co.'s ' Mister Donut Ice Bar ', which reproduces Mr. Donut's classic menu '

Double Chocolate ' at an ice bar, will be available only at convenience stores nationwide from February 7, 2022 (Monday). I was wondering what the taste of the ice bar, which expresses double chocolate not only in taste but also in appearance, so I actually ate it and checked its reproducibility.

Donuts and ice cream are a dream collaboration. The popular classic donut 'Double Chocolate' is now available as ice cream! 'Mister Donut Ice Bar' will be released on February 7th (Monday)! | 2022 | News Release | Morinaga & Co.

For comparison, I also bought Mister Donut's 'Double Chocolate'.

The package of 'Mister Donut Ice Bar' looks like this.


type is lacto ice, and the raw materials include chocolate coaching, cocoa cookies, sugar, and dairy products.

The calorie per bottle is 264 kcal.

When you put it on a plate, you can see that the surface is coated with chocolate with black crunch.

The length of the main body is about 10 cm.

Comparing 'Mister Donut Ice Bar' (left) and 'Double Chocolate' (right), it looks like this. The shape is different, but the color and surface atmosphere are a little similar.

When you try it, you can enjoy the difference in texture between crispy chocolate, crispy chocolate crunch, and smooth chocolate ice cream inside. Mister Donut's double chocolate is also characterized by the texture of the chocolate crunch topping on the outside and the moist donut dough on the inside, so the texture is certainly reminiscent of double chocolate. In addition, the chocolate coating and chocolate ice cream with cocoa cookies made you feel a slight bitterness with a calm sweetness, and it was finished as an ice bar where you can taste the deliciousness of rich chocolate.

'Mister Donut Ice Bar' is available for purchase at convenience stores nationwide for a limited time from February 7, 2022 (Monday) to the end of March, and the reference retail price is 162 yen including tax.

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