Self-destructive encrypted memo service 'Burner Note' that can 'automatically disappear this message' for free

Many of the services that claim to 'encrypt messages and data and delete them when read to keep them secret' are covered with advertisements and are worried whether they are really encrypted or deleted. .. If it is a simple web application 'Burner Note' developed in open source, it will be encrypted with

AES-256-CBC , protected with MAC , and will be permanently deleted from the database as soon as it is read. I actually tried using it.

Burner Note

The following is the access to the above URL. It is a simple design with a field for entering a message and a field for setting a password as an option.

Try entering a message in 'Create your note', enter the password in 'Create an optional password', and click 'Get Link'.

Then, the URL was displayed. If you click the red frame part, the URL will be added to the clipboard, so if you share this on SNS etc., you can share the message securely.

When the recipient of the message accesses the above URL, the message 'You received a self-destructing note. You can access this note only once' is displayed, so 'Show Me The Note' is displayed. Click.

Then enter your password and click Submit.

Then, the sent message was displayed. It can be used in Japanese without any problem.

When I access the URL again, it just says it has expired.

Next, enter the message again and click 'Get Link' to try the function to send the message by e-mail.

This time, enter your email address in the 'Or send link by email' field and click 'Send Email'.

The received email is below. Click on the URL provided.

If you click 'Show Me The Note' at the link destination ...

A message was displayed.

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