'SafeNote' which allows you to create URLs of documents and files 'free to automatically disappear when you read' like free spy movies

" SafeNote " is a web service that allows documents and files to be exchanged so that they can not be seen by third parties. As in " Spy Mission ", it was possible to create a document that automatically disappears once it has finished reading once, and set it so that it can only download once uploaded file.

SafeNote | Encrypt and send files and notes with a link that automatically destruct after being read.

First of all, I will create a "document to disappear after reading". Go to SafeNote and enter the sentences to send to the entry field.

You can set "Advanced Options" under the input field. " Note Lifetime " can set the period until the document disappears. When "Remove Note Immediately after it read" is checked, it disappears automatically when it is read. In " Manual Password " you can set a password to open a document. In addition, if you register a mail address or document title with " Get Notification " and check it like the image below, a notification mail will be delivered when the document is read or disappears.

After setting Advanced Options, click "Create Note".

Then, with such a feeling, the URL accessible to the document was displayed.

If you access the displayed URL, you will be prompted for a password if you set "Manual Password". Enter the password and click "View Note".

Then the document was displayed.

You can save the contents to the clipboard by clicking "Copy the Note".

If "Remove Note Immediately after it read" is checked, even if you try to access the document again, the file "automatically disappears" and you can not view it.

If you set with Advanced Options, a notification email has arrived at the registered e-mail address.

SafeNote can send not only documents but also files. Click "Upload a File" from the top page of SafeNote.

Click "Choose a file or Click here", select the file you want to send, and click "Open". Only one file of 100 MB or less can be sent at once.

As with the document, after setting the Advanced Option, click "Upload File".

The file was uploaded and the download URL was displayed.

Go to the download URL and click "Click to Download" to download the file.

The downloaded file looks something like this. Although the file name has been changed to a character string like cryptosystem, it can be browsed without problems.

If "Remove Note Immediately after it read" is checked, downloading can only be done once.

In addition, Chrome extension and Firefox extension also exist in "SafeNote".

SafeNote - Chrome Web Store

SafeNote - Get enhanced features for Firefox (ja)

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