I tried to see if even a complete beginner can make Karitoro Takoyaki using the cassette gas type takoyaki machine 'Flame Tako II'

I often hear the story that 'every household in Osaka has a takoyaki machine', but my house, which was not born in Osaka, does not have a takoyaki machine and I have never made takoyaki in my life. However, while I was living in Osaka, the feeling of 'I want to bake takoyaki by myself' started to boil, so I bought a cassette gas type takoyaki machine '

Flame Tako II ', and even beginners are 'outside crunchy inside'. I tried to see if I could make takoyaki.

Takoyaki 'Entako II' | Iwatani Corp.

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◆ 1: Choose a takoyaki machine for beginners
◆ 2: Appearance review of Flame Tako II
◆ 3: I tried making takoyaki with Flame Tako II
◆ 4: Summary

◆ 1: Choose a takoyaki machine for beginners
As a result of collecting information about the takoyaki machine in the editorial department, there were many voices recommending the gas type, such as 'If it is a gas type, it will burn evenly' and 'If it is a gas type, you do not have to worry about the position of the outlet'. So, when I searched for a takoyaki machine on the official website of Iwatani Corporation, I found two types, ' Flame Tako II ' and ' Super Flame Tako '. I didn't know the difference between the two, so I decided to ask the difference between the two at Iwatani's official shop ' Iwatani Outdoor Shop BASE ', which says 'All Iwatani's cassettes are available.'

I came to Sakaisuji Hommachi station by train to go to Iwatani Outdoor Shop BASE. Iwatani Outdoor Shop BASE is a few minutes walk from here.

A short walk to Iwatani Outdoor Shop BASE. The entrance is covered with glass, so you can see the inside of the store from the outside.

When I entered the store, there were a lot of cassette stoves lined up.

I walked around the store and found Flame Tako II. Super flame octopus was out of stock. When I asked the staff about the difference between Flame Tako II and Super Flame Tako, they said that the other specifications were the same except for the different colors. This time I bought Flame Tako II.

◆ 2: Appearance review of Flame Tako II
Since the flame octopus II does not come with cassette gas, I purchased the cassette gas separately and brought it back.

Remove Flame Tako II from the box.

Inside the box was the main body of Flame Tako II, the plate, the band that holds the main body and the plate together, and the explanatory documents.

The actual weight of the plate is 684g. The surface is fluorinated.

Cassette gas can be installed just by pushing it in.

When I ignited it, flames spewed out in two lines.

The plate does not require any fixtures, just place it on top.

◆ 3: I tried making takoyaki with Flame Tako II
Now that we have a takoyaki machine ready, we will buy ingredients such as octopus and flour at the supermarket and start making the first takoyaki in our lives.

The takoyaki seeds were made with reference to

the recipe of Nissin Foods .

First, turn the dial of Flame Tako II to ignite.

Then oil the plate. The point is to apply it not only to the holes but also to the edges.

Pour the seeds from the center ...

Add octopus and tenkasu.

When it gets burnt, turn it over.

The result of the first takoyaki in my life is like this. It didn't become a beautiful sphere, and there was a part that was burnt to black. I usually cook for myself, but I feel that making takoyaki requires a completely different technique from usual cooking.

When I asked the editorial staff who was watching the state of making takoyaki, they pointed out the improvement points such as 'do not apply too much oil', 'start turning over from the state where it has not solidified yet', and 'burn it at once over high heat at first'. rice field. The second takoyaki making (10x speed) that I challenged based on those improvement points is as follows.

I tried baking takoyaki with a cassette gas type full-scale takoyaki machine 'Flame Tako II' --YouTube

The second takoyaki was closer to a sphere than the first one, and it was burnt with less scorching.

Place the finished takoyaki on a plate and season with sauce, green onions, and dried bonito to make it look like takoyaki in a store.

When I divided it with chopsticks, the contents were torotoro. When I actually eat it, the outside is hard and the inside is finished as takoyaki as Toro Toro envisioned. There is also the fun of making your own octopus, which is hard to eat at the store.

It is also fun to change the toppings freely, such as sprinkling a large amount of mayonnaise or finishing with green onions and ponzu sauce. If you evaluate only by the taste, you can't beat a specialty store, but the overall satisfaction was quite high because you can enjoy the process of making and eating with multiple people.

The plate of Flame Tako II is treated with fluorine, and it is also good that you can quickly remove dirt with detergent. I enjoyed the takoyaki party, which is easy to make, eat, and clean up.

◆ 4: Summary
As a result of actually making takoyaki with Flame Tako II, even a complete beginner was able to make Calitro Takoyaki in the second challenge. In addition, I felt the merit of the gas type that the plate became hot within a few seconds after ignition and almost no uneven baking occurred.

At the time of writing the article, Flame Tako II is available on Amazon.co.jp for 6111 yen including tax. In addition, you can get Super Flame Octopus, which differs only in color, for 5,500 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: Cassette Gas Takoyaki Machine Flame Tako II CB-ETK-2: Home & Kitchen

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