Report that AirTag was attached to the front wheel of the car



There are reports that Apple's dropped item tracker 'AirTag', which can be attached to important objects and easily searched by location information even if it is lost, is used for criminal acts such as stalking.

How Apple AirTags are being used for nefarious purposes

Twitter user jeana ( @Sega__JEANAsis ) said that one day he received a notification of AirTag detection on his iPhone while driving a car. Mr. jeana checked the wallet and the car, but could not find AirTag, and thought that the notification was mistakenly made.

However, jeana was frightened by the re-notification despite driving on a deserted road, and decided not to go home that day. Later, when he checked the car, he discovered that a strange AirTag was attached to the wheel on the passenger seat side.

From the beginning when AirTag was announced, there was concern that it would be used for criminal acts such as stalking, but Apple has taken various measures for AirTag to prevent this. For example, the iPhone's 'Find My AirTag' function is searched not by GPS but by the 'Find' network , which consists of the Bluetooth networks of Apple terminals around the world, and the communication in the 'Find' function is encrypted end-to-end. , It is impossible for anyone other than the original owner to acquire the location information and owner information of AirTag.

In addition, if you meet the conditions that 'AirTag is away from its original owner' and 'AirTag is near an iOS device other than its original owner', 'AirTag was found near you' on a nearby iOS device. It is a mechanism to display the notification 'Ta'. That's what jeana received. In addition, AirTag will make a sound when it is separated from its original owner for 3 days or more, or on the web page displayed when reading the NFC tag of AirTag, 'How to remove the battery of AirTag and stop tracking of location information' It has many user privacy protection functions such as ''.

What is the stalker countermeasure & privacy protection function installed in Apple's dropped item tracker 'AirTag'? --GIGAZINE

However, despite these measures, it is reported that damage such as car thieves using AirTag has occurred. In Canada, the Regional Municipality of York, is attached AirTag to luxury cars that are parked in public places such as shopping malls, 5 to at least 3 months is the crime of the modus operandi that steal the car at home when the driver came home row It was said that it was broken . Police in the area are calling for anti-theft measures such as parking in the garage and installing surveillance cameras.

In this case, jeana allegedly reported the damage to police in Maryland, USA. However, when overseas media Mashable contacted the Maryland police, he received a reply saying 'There is currently no AirTag category in the database'. 'AirTaggings' criminal activity is still very new, and the lack of AirTaggings data is a very worrying case,' said Mashable.

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