If a person who has not been vaccinated becomes a new corona, a bill will be submitted to cover all medical expenses.

The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is

a dangerous disease that requires hospitalization, has various sequelae , and sometimes dies when it becomes severe, but by inoculating a vaccine developed by a pharmaceutical company, It is possible to reduce the incidence and severity of the disease . However, even at the time of writing the article, it is a problem that many people refuse to vaccinate on their own initiative. Meanwhile, in the United States, where the percentage of people who have completed vaccination is only about 60% of the population, 'If a person who has not been vaccinated develops COVID-19 and is treated, the entire medical expenses will be borne. The bill was submitted.

102ND GENERAL ASSEMBLY State of Illinois 2021 and 2022. HB4259
(PDF file) https://ilga.gov/legislation/102/HB/PDF/10200HB4259.pdf

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In the United States, there are headquarters of companies such as Pfizer and Moderna who developed the COVID-19 vaccine, and vaccination started in December 2020, which is quite early in the world. However, there is a deep-seated difference in awareness of vaccines from a political standpoint, such as a Republican politician claiming that 'mandatory vaccination is against the freedom of choice of individuals,' and vaccination is not progressing as expected. ..

In order to overcome this situation, lottery programs have been introduced in some areas where vaccinated people can win cash, guns, trucks, scholarships, etc., but the vaccination rate in the United States at the time of writing the article was about 60%. From the end of November to the beginning of December 2021, thenumber of newly infected people is 100,000 per day, and the number of deaths exceeds 1,600.

Lottery program to win guns, trucks, cash, etc. started with new corona vaccination --GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, Republican Jonathan Carroll , a member of the Illinois State House, said, 'If an unvaccinated Illinois resident becomes infected with COVID-19, the patient will bear all the medical costs charged by the hospital. I submitted the bill to the Illinois State Assembly. Carroll explains that the bill applies only to those who voluntarily refuse to be vaccinated, not to those who cannot be vaccinated due to illness or other factors.

'COVID-19 is becoming a disease for unvaccinated people,' Carroll said. 'If you're obviously unable to get the vaccine for health reasons, the story is completely different. But if you get the vaccine If you can get in and dare to choose not to be vaccinated, you are putting us all at risk. We are seeing this situation as mutant strains continue to spread. 'We have tried everything we can to educate the general public about vaccines. Again, vaccines are working and people choose not to vaccinate for some reason. It must not be our responsibility. '

If the bill passes parliament, the 2023 Illinois Health Policy will be amended, but there are political and legal hurdles to passing the bill. There is also opposition from within the Republican Party to force unvaccinated people to pay the full cost of medical care, and in the United States, the Affordable Care Act allows insurance companies and employers to change rates based on their personal health. Forbidden.

Carroll replied that all bills had legal issues, arguing that the bill was only a 'starting point' to hold those who refused vaccination responsible for their choices. .. 'I think it's time to say,'If you choose not to get vaccinated, you're obviously responsible for the risk of getting infected with COVID-19,'' Carroll said. He said.

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