Twitter revise policy that 'posting personal photos and videos requires the consent of the person'

Twitter has

revised its policy regarding personal information , stating that 'posting personal photos and videos on Twitter requires the consent of that individual.'

Expanding our private information policy to include media

Twitter Safety, which creates tools and rules to secure Twitter, said, 'Image sharing is an important factor in using Twitter. Users should be able to choose whether or not to publish photos. We will expand the scope of our policy regarding private information. ”“ Starting today, we prohibit sharing private media such as personal photos and videos without your consent. We will also disclose your personal information. , Threatening or inciting others is also prohibited by this policy. '

In its blog, Twitter will update its existing privacy policy and extend its reach to 'private media' as part of its ongoing efforts to build tools centered around privacy and security. It is written. The existing policy prohibits the disclosure of personal information of others such as phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, etc. on Twitter. This policy revision is to expand this to include personal photos and videos.

Regarding this policy revision, Twitter is raising concerns about 'abuse of media and information not available online, which is used for acts such as harassing or threatening an individual's identity.' Individuals such as images and videos. Sharing personal media can invade personal privacy and can lead to emotional or physical harm. Although misuse of private media can affect everyone, It can have a disproportionate impact, especially on women, activists, and members of the minority community. If you receive a report that a tweet contains unauthorized private media, take action along with various enforcement options. I will take it. '

In addition, this policy revision will allow you to exercise compulsory options for photos and videos posted without your consent, without explicit abuse. However, there are cases where photos and videos of public figures such as politicians and celebrities fall under the exception of the policy regarding personal information. In addition, photos and videos posted by the press may be an exception, saying, 'A specific image and accompanying tweet text add value to public discourse or share it for the public good. It will be considered whether it will be done or related to the community, and it will be decided whether or not to remove it.

Trenton Kennedy, a Twitter spokeswoman, told The Verge , an overseas media company, 'We intend to evaluate things in the context of shared media containing personal information, so we conclude from past cases and hypotheses. I encourage moderators not to do anything that leads to. '

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