Twitter official tweeted 'How to use Twitter in conflict zone' in Ukrainian

In Ukraine, which has entered a state of war with Russia, the effects of the war are spreading not only to the real world but also to the Internet, such as the closure of Twitter accounts that convey photos and videos of Russia's invasion of Ukraine . Meanwhile, the official Twitter account has continuously posted in English and Ukrainian how to use Twitter safely in conflict areas and high-risk areas.

Twitter first details how to create a strong password, make sure your email and phone number are required to request a password reset, and check if your account has been compromised. I posted the URL to the help page. The page can also be read in Japanese . According to Twitter, when a new login or suspicious login is made, an app or email will notify you so that you can confirm whether you are logged in to your Twitter account.

'By setting up two-factor authentication, you can be sure that only you can access your account. Here's how to set it up.'

Next, regarding what to do if there is evidence of unauthorized login, Twitter said, 'If it seems safest to delete your account, disabling your Twitter account is the first step. Once disabled, your username, profile, and tweets will not be visible unless you re-enable them within 30 days. '

'Check if the tweet is public or private (only visible to followers) and change the settings accordingly. Even if the tweet is private, followers Is not deleted. '

'If your account may have been compromised, but you can still log in, here are some things you can do to protect your account .'

'If you think you've been hacked, or if you can't log in with your username and password, followthe steps below to log in again.'

'If you get the message'Your account is locked or some of your account features are restricted'when you log in or open the app, we'll explain what the message means and how to recover it. I am. '

'Be careful about tweeting from places that shouldn't be known to others, just as you wouldn't want to tweet your address. Here, we often talk about location-based tweets. I will introduce the question . '

'Even if you have enabled tweets with location information in the past, you can disable it or remove location information from past tweets. However, even if you delete location information on Twitter, a third-party app And location information is not always removed from external search results. '

'Location settings can also be enabled or disabled on a device-by-device basis . '

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