Social Media ID Submission Required for US Visa Application



The United States Department of State has established a new rule requiring foreigners who apply for a visa to stay in the United States to submit their email address and phone number used in the past, and the social media username used in the past five years. The

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The United States Department of State is amending the forms for immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applications to apply the new rules for visa applications. This will require the visa applicant to submit more personal information, including a 'social media ID.'

The new rules for visa applications were proposed in March 2018. The revised application form is expected to affect approximately 15 million foreigners who apply for a visa to enter the United States each year.


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A spokesman for the United States Department of State said in an interview with The Hill , a political magazine specializing in the United States: 'In recent years, social media is becoming a major place to create terrorist sentiment and activities in the world. It is an important way to prevent dangerous persons, such as terrorists, who pose a threat to the safety of the United States from entering the United States.

In addition, the United States Department of State explains that the application form has been revised, 'National security will be the top priority when reviewing visa applications, so all travelers entering the United States will undergo a security review.' You In addition, 'we need to work constantly to find a mechanism to improve the screening process to protect American citizens while supporting legal travel to the United States,' It is stated that it is necessary for security.

Information such as social media ID, e-mail address, and telephone number has so far been requested to be submitted for 'persons who visited areas where terrorist organizations are in the dark' in the past. It seems that only about 5,000 applicants were applicable submission items. However, the United States Department of State says that it has revised its application form to 'strengthen the process for screening and validating visa applicants.'

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The new rules apply to almost all applicants applying for immigrant visas and nonimmigrant visas to visit the United States, and the United States Department of State requires 710,000 immigrant visa applicants to visit the United States for business or educational purposes. And, it is estimated that it will affect 14 million nonimmigrant visa applicants.

The new application form has a field for multiple social media information, and the applicant needs to describe the social media information used in the past five years. In addition, it is said that there is a field where you can enter information on 'Social media not listed in the application form' as an option.

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