Facebook guidelines allow critical posting to public figures

Facebook guidelines have found that critical posts against public figures are not deleted under certain conditions. The overseas media '

The Guardian ' reports.

Facebook guidelines allow users to call for death of public figures | Facebook | The Guardian

The Guardian is, according to information obtained from the 'Moderator' to review the posted content of Facebook, the 'Facebook of guidelines, for public figures,' tagging determined that you do not remove the critical contribution that does not involve ' There is. ' 'Tagging' is one of Facebook's features that allows you to 'tag' your posts with a link to your profile to see who you're talking about and who's in your photo. It makes it easy to understand. When you tag a post, you'll be notified to the tagged user, and depending on your settings, the post will appear in the tagged user's timeline.

The Guardian's more than 300 pages of Facebook guidelines described the protection of public and private individuals in detail. According to the guidelines, public figures are 'posts that pose a serious threat to individuals or are tagged and aggressive,' and private individuals are also 'insisted on sexual activity, which can hurt the user's dignity.' It is stipulated that Facebook will delete 'posts'.

The criteria for 'public figures' are defined by conditions such as 'people over the age of 13 mentioned in five or more news articles or media works within the last two years.' 'People with more than 100,000 followers on social media accounts can be considered public figures,' The Guardian points out.

Facebook also explained to the moderators, 'We also want to allow discussions, including critical content, to those featured in the news.' Facebook's Bullying and Harassment Policy stipulates that individuals should be protected from insulting expressions and posts that suggest harm to the body. But the exception is non-serious posts to untagged public figures, with Facebook insiders saying, for example, ' Kieusero! Boris Johnson , or resign.' 'Jair Bolsonaro is better for people to slap. Posts such as 'Become' and state that these 'figurative posts' are not subject to deletion.

Regarding the reason why Facebook deletes posts only when they are tagged, The Guardian says, 'Because tagging attracts the attention of the post, Facebook believes that tagging is'intentional harm'.' Stated.

Imran Ahmed, founder of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, an organization that counters criticism online, said the guidelines were 'ridiculous': 'the murder of MP Joe Cox and the US Capitol. Despite the recent attention to the outbreak of domestic terrorism in the United States , Facebook encourages violent postings against public figures. '

A Facebook spokeswoman said, 'We don't allow people to abuse or harass public figures. No matter who the target is, they remove the threat of hate speech and serious harm and harass public figures. We are looking for more ways to protect ourselves from. '

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