Improved Firefox so that it can bypass Windows interference and set the 'default browser' with a single click

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'Microsoft Edge ' as the standard browser for Windows, and each user needs to change the setting to use another browser such as 'Firefox ' or ' Google Chrome' as the default browser. The procedure for changing the browser is flooded with criticism that it is malicious in Windows 10 andWindows 11. In response to the trouble of changing the browser, ' Firefox 91 ' released in August 2021 has been talked about as improving the 'default browser settings' and dealing with it brilliantly.

To make Firefox your default browser | Firefox Help win10: fx91

Mozilla has defeated Microsoft's default browser protections in Windows --The Verge

In Windows 10, when changing the default browser, default music player, etc., it is necessary to open the default application selection screen with the 'Settings' application and then select the desired application, up to ' Firefox 90 ' Firefox required similar settings. The procedure to make Firefox up to 'Firefox 90' the default browser on Windows 10 is as follows.

First, click 'Set as default browser' from the Firefox settings screen.

Then, the default app selection screen of the 'Settings' app will open automatically. If you click the 'Web browser' field and select 'Firefox', Firefox will become the default browser.

As mentioned above, up to Firefox 90, the default browser settings were not completed with Firefox alone, and it was necessary to operate with the Windows 'Settings' app. However, when setting Microsoft Edge, which is a genuine Windows browser, as the default browser, it is possible to complete the setting only with Microsoft Edge without opening the Windows 'Settings' application. Therefore, the Firefox development team reverse engineered the setting operation of Microsoft Edge, and from Firefox 91, realized the setting operation that does not require the operation of opening the Windows 'Settings' application.

In fact, let's change the default browser from Microsoft Edge to Firefox using the latest version of Firefox at the time of writing, version 92.0. If you click 'Set as default browser' from the Firefox settings screen ...

With just one click, I was able to change Firefox to my default browser.

As mentioned above, in Firefox 91 and later Firefox, the default browser change setting in Windows 10 has been simplified, but in Windows 11 scheduled to be released on October 5, 2021, the operation to change the default application is from Windows 10. Is also reported to be troublesome. Even so, there are reports that 'Firefox was able to set the default browser correctly from the dialog at the first startup, although it was not possible with other browsers', so it seems that the change to Firefox will be kept simple.

In Windows 11, it is troublesome to change the default browser, the first browser startup is the last chance of batch setting --GIGAZINE

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