Semiconductor maker GlobalFoundries announces new factory in New York to address global semiconductor shortage

GlobalFoundries , a leading American semiconductor manufacturer, announced plans to expand its manufacturing facility in Malta , New York on July 19, 2021 local time. The newly announced plan is to make an immediate investment in the existing flagship factory 'Fab8' to meet the global semiconductor shortage , as well as to build a new factory to double the production capacity in Malta. It is planned.

GlobalFoundries Plans to Build New Fab in Upstate New York in Private-Public Partnership to Support US Semiconductor Manufacturing | GLOBALFOUNDRIES

GlobalFoundries to build second chip fab next to NY HQ • The Register

GlobalFoundries is the world's third largest semiconductor manufacturing foundry after TSMC in Taiwan and Samsung in South Korea. GLOBALFOUNDRIES CEO Tom Colefield, Senator Chuck Schumer , Secretary of Commerce Gina Lymond and others will meet on July 19 local time to discuss issues in the US semiconductor supply chain. A plan to expand the facility has been announced.

GlobalFoundries will invest $ 1 billion to expand the production capacity of its existing flagship factory in Malta, Fab8, to quickly address the global semiconductor shortage of 150,000 wafers per year. It will be possible to make additional production. After that, a new plant will be built on the same site as Fab8 to double the production capacity in Malta. The expansion of production capacity is part of an expansion plan that includes the construction of a new factory in Singapore and investment in a factory in Dresden, Germany, to meet the growing demand for semiconductors in high-growth markets such as automobiles, 5G, and IoT. It seems to be something to do.

GlobalFoundries also claims that building a new factory in Malta will create more than 1,000 high-tech jobs and create more than thousands of high-income indirect jobs. 'For factory expansion and job creation in Malta, CEO Colefield works closely with the strong public-private partnership-based economic model advocated by visionary leaders Senator Schumer and Secretary Lymond in Washington. We need to work with our customers. ”“ Our industry is expected to grow over the last 50 years in the next 10 years, ”he said.

In June, the United States passed the 'Bill for Strengthening Competitiveness with China, ' which includes support for the domestic semiconductor industry that competes with China, and subsidized $ 52 billion (about 5.7 trillion yen) to support the production increase of semiconductor manufacturers. It was also decided to spend money. According to Senator Schumer, the GlobalFoundries plan to expand production capacity will also be subsidized under the US Innovation and Competition Bill. 'Today's announcement is a win-win-win. A win for work in the metropolitan area, a win for GlobalFoundries, and a win for the US government, automakers, and other key industries that need chips,' said Senator Schumer. Said.

Although GlobalFoundries dropped out of the competition to develop cutting-edge semiconductors by discontinuing semiconductor production in the 7nm process in 2018, it still maintains demand for semiconductors produced in the 12nm process and above. Semiconductors manufactured by GlobalFoundries' 14nm process are also used in the I / O dies of AMD's 'EPYC' series of CPUs for servers, and AMD will produce 170 billion yen worth of semiconductors from 2022 to 2024. The contract to purchase from is also clear.

AMD turns out to buy 170 billion yen worth of semiconductors from GlobalFoundries-GIGAZINE

In July, the Wall Street Journal reported that 'Intel is considering acquiring GlobalFoundries for more than $ 30 billion (about 3.3 trillion yen),' a spokeswoman for GlobalFoundries said. 'We haven't talked with Intel,' he said.

Intel reports that it is considering acquiring semiconductor foundry GlobalFoundries for more than 3 trillion yen --GIGAZINE

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