Intel reports that it is considering acquiring semiconductor foundry GlobalFoundries for more than 3 trillion yen

The Wall Street Journal reported that Intel is looking for plans to acquire global foundries , a major semiconductor manufacturer.

Intel Is in Talks to Buy GlobalFoundries for About $ 30 Billion --WSJ

Intel in talks to buy GlobalFoundries for about $ 30 billion --WSJ | Reuters

GlobalFoundries is a semiconductor foundry owned by Mubadala Investment, the investment arm of the Abu Dhabi government, and is based in the United States. GlobalFoundries was originally an independent branch of AMD 's foundry division, and manufactures semiconductors under contracts with NVIDIA and AMD. In 2018, we stopped manufacturing semiconductors with the 7mm process and dropped out of competition for cutting-edge process development with TSMC, Samsung, and Intel, but in May 2021, we contracted to sell 170 billion yen worth of semiconductors to AMD. Was established.

AMD turns out to buy 170 billion yen worth of semiconductors from GlobalFoundries-GIGAZINE

The Wall Street Journal reports that Intel is accelerating its plans to acquire GlobalFoundries, the largest acquisition to date, in order to scale up semiconductor sales. Sources estimate GlobalFoundries' valuation to be about $ 30 billion. However, a GlobalFoundries spokeswoman said, 'We haven't talked to Intel,' and the Wall Street Journal speculates that 'it doesn't seem to be a direct deal with GlobalFoundries.'

Intel made a plan in March 2021 to 'invest over 2 trillion yen to expand foundry services ' and in July 2021 will invest over 2.2 trillion yen to build a semiconductor factory in Europe. It was also reported that he was making a plan.

Intel requests EU countries to invest in factory construction of 2.2 trillion yen and provide site, plans to expand semiconductor manufacturing business widely in Europe-GIGAZINE

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