Famima's 'Crispy Chicken', which sold 2 million meals in just two days, has a cheese flavor, so I tried it.

A new flavor, ' Crispy Chicken (Cheese), ' has been added to

FamilyMart's hot snack 'Crispy Chicken, ' which appeared in March 2021 and sold 2 million meals in just two days after its launch. I heard that it was a blend of two types of cheese, cheddar cheese and gouda cheese, so I actually ate it to see what it tasted like.

Introducing a new flavor that makes rich cheese addictive to the problem child 'Crispy Chicken' over Famichiki! | Campaign | FamilyMart

I bought crispy chicken (cheese) at FamilyMart.

When I put it on a plate, it looks like this. It is a little longer than a transportation IC card.

I put the crispy chicken (cheese) on the left and the crispy chicken (plain) that has been on sale since March on the right. The size is almost the same, but the crispy chicken (cheese) is a little reddish in color.

When I cut it with a kitchen knife and look at the cross section, it looks like this. A thin layer of cheese is applied between the breast and the batter.

When you eat a bite, you can feel the taste of cheese with a faint scent and light chicken breast with less fat. The batter has a crispy texture that makes the sound echo. The cheese wasn't in a large amount enough to pull a string, but it had a thick texture and matched the taste and texture of the batter. Compared to crispy chicken (plain), crispy chicken (plain) was spicy, and crispy chicken (cheese) had a milder taste due to the presence of cheese.

The price of crispy chicken (cheese) is 145 yen including tax, and it is on sale in limited quantities at FamilyMart nationwide except for some stores.

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