The first episode of the English version of 'Princess and Gamer' has been released on Amazon's Kindle, and the second episode of the English version is also available.

An English version of the first episode of the full-color comic ' Princess and Gamer ' has been released on Amazon's Kindle store. The free campaign is free for anyone to download until July 3rd, and is always free for Kindle Unlimited members. In addition, the English version of the second episode also because the public, there also come together on the check, 'not strange English translation of the words?' 'Than it is interesting of this kind of representation?' Anything If you have any opinion that here. Please feel free to send us the form.

Amazon | Hime to Gamer 01: Gonna make it into the top 10 of streamers even if it means playing dirty (English Edition) | Kindle Store

You can read the second episode of the English version from the following.


◆ Changes in Kindle comic release
The 'Episode 1 English version' released on Kindle has some major changes in response to the comments from readers when it was posted on GIGAZINE. First of all, in response to the point that 'English comics are generally written in all capital letters', the text that was capitalized only at the beginning of the sentence like ordinary English sentences was changed to all capital letters.

In addition, English translations have been added to the lines outside the onomatopoeia and balloons, as shown in the red frame in the image below. The English version of onomatopoeia is also matched with the original color.

The title part at the beginning has also been changed. The subtitle has been enlarged to make it stand out, and the title logo of 'Princess and Gamer' also has the English title 'HIME and GAMER'.

◆ Please cooperate with the English translation of the indication form.
You can contact us with English translation ideas and corrections from the links below. Please cooperate by all means.

Click here for the indication form

Select 'Points about the English version' and click 'Next'.

Enter the content to be corrected, suggestions for lines, etc. and click 'Send'.

Transmission is complete when the following screen is displayed.

Click the image below to get the Japanese version of 'Princess and Gamer' comics. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read it for free at any time.

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