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From January 2018 to August, GIGAZINE serialized with GIGAZINE All seven stories and a large volumetric making material collection packed in the electronic comic " Princess and Gamer " covers and doors, the title logo that was not in the series was abundantly used It is done. Logo creator Little by Little explained how such a title logo was created.

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This time I created a logo, Little by Little who handles the design widely such as cover and logo. It is an impressive logo that a combination of cute princess and cool gamer shines.

Little by Little aoya got a comment.

Hello, my name is aoya who is in charge of design at Little by Little.
I usually create a cover of a novel and a logo design.
I am very pleased to be involved in this wonderful work in this way!

The following will be the making of the logo.

Logo rough design A plan. "Hime" "Gamer" is shining lightly, and something like an audio spectrum is designed, the digital style is emphasized. aoya "The main character It is a rough thought in contrasting the image of the characters of the two characters.It is a bit somewhat in the electronic atmosphere so that we can also deliver the atmosphere like playing games."

Rough B proposal that pastel color gives a fancy impression. aoya "It is a rough thought focusing on Mr. Himenomiya's character.It is a cute, pop, image of Himenomiya being distributed"

The title fits in balloon and it is a very rough C plan like a work logo. aoya "I thought that this would make me feel cute, I also drew a rough that made it into a manga's blowing wind, the most popular atmosphere, and an image that will be readable when placed again"

Although the atmosphere was also lost, the idea A which is likely to shine even when the impression of the character was most contrasted and became black and white was adopted. After deciding the design, I showed the flow of what kind of flow the logo is completed.

aoya "Place letters with font size close to the image"

aoya "I placed hearts on the letters of" Princess ", made it round, or made me pretty."

aoya "I will make and arrange the material of the controller, I created the lower decorations according to the balance"

aoya "Since the approximate silhouette was completed, I will put the color on."

aoya "I put white asmos and shadows around the letters to make it easy to see"

aoya "I felt lonely a little about the" princess "I felt lonely so I added a heart, and combined the color of the shadow together, I tried it in a more ornate atmosphere"

aoya "In order to strengthen the impression of the" princess ", I added a framing correction by adding a color correction.It added as it is, it became a stinky atmosphere, so it lowered the opacity slightly and mixed with the color of the gradation I try to match it. "

The cover of the princess and the gamer paperbook using this logo looks like this.

In addition to the main series serialized in GIGAZINE, e-books that also contain treasured make-ups can be obtained with Amazon's Kindle. Whether you read or unread readers, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to enjoy the work a second time.

【Now Free DL! 】 Princess and Gamer | Pepper, Mikuni Kei, GIGAZINE | Manga | Kindle Store | Amazon 【until 07 November 8th】

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