The support illustration of "Princess and Gamer" episode 5 has arrived!

"Princess and gamer episode 5The supportive illustration ofNovilI got it from. A favorite game is also pounded and lying down on the bed, the shadow of Hime who was not seen so far is a remarkable piece. There is a charm that seems to be sucked in even now in a blurred eyes.

I got a message from Mr. Noir.

Nice to meet you, is notville. Illustration of learning texts and web comic strip articles (drawing) etc are drawn.
It is fun to interact gamers who are swayed by aggressive Princess, and likes Princess who makes various dresses for popularity so cute.
In this supportive illustration, I drew Hime-chan with a slightly different expression than usual. I am also worried about future deployment!

The following is an easy making.

A rough A proposal by Hime Showing one aspect of the brilliant "yang". I feel the warmth that season seems to approach summer. Nobil "The plan A is like having a place to visit the park and it is like expressing the cuteness of the princess under beautiful light.The viewpoint person may be gamer kun."

And, rough B plan that copied part of Hime 's "shade". Because it was Hime-chan who showed the bottomless brightness so far, there was a new aspect of charm, so the B proposal was adopted. If you read the story 5, you should also understand this dark side. Nobil "The idea of ​​B is an image that seems to be lying on the bed after delivery, I thought that I could show one side that would not be drawn with the main volume of the comic, I imagined the situation of frustration and trouble before meeting the gamer I made it a little unclear. "

Nobil "I am also concerned about the line thickness and strength range that matches the atmosphere of the picture in drawing. In this time, the line does not become too thick, and the strength is not attached so much so that the description at the time of coloring can be shot. Once we have decided the thickness of it, I will draw a line while preparing the parts that I care about while making good use of the roughness. "

Noville "At the time of painting, it is in a state of putting color from the rough."

In the midst of promoting draw Nobile "After this, the remains of rough of color poor is the difference between the color of the sheets and skin, because I realized that it is vague impression, so that the person stand out by brightening the color of the skin We have tried several patterns to choose the one that best suits the painting, and finally we adjust the brightness and the color density and finish it. "

The main part of "Princess and Gamer" greeted rapid development with the fifth episode. There is a shadow in a place where there is light, and when the light becomes strong, the shadow also sweeps black and surroundings. Please support the story of Hime and Gamer - kun until end. We are looking forward to hearing your comments and support for "Princess and Gamer" that will be completed in few talks!

Please give us your opinions and impressions!

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