Released a single episode of the full-color manga 'Magic Book Exchange Diary' electronic comic

An electronic comic containing the first episode of the manga `` Magic Book Exchange Diary '' depicting two girls involved through `` Magic Book '' where each other's thoughts are spelled like an exchange diary has appeared in Amazon's Kindle store. Whether you have already read the series or are new to the series, please take this opportunity to open the story of the two girls again. If you're a

Kindle Unlimited member, you can download it for free anytime. Also, the same author's previous work ' Princess and Gamer ' is half price during the summer vacation special price, so please check it out as well.

[Full color] Magic book exchange diary Episode 1: To my sister (GIGAZINE) |

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What is the manga 'Magical Book Exchange Diary'?
In order to convey the charm of 'Magical Book Exchange Diary', we will introduce the characters that color the work.

Mel Kurius:
My grades are all at the lowest level, and I'm bad at sports, music, art, sewing, and cooking. I think that working hard is like 'practicing a shot at a basketball goal 500 meters above the ground.' His hobby was to write a diary that spelled out events that did not exist.

Silmar Li Lu:
A girl who was introduced as a 'younger sister' with whom Mel exchanges exchange diaries. With a personality that tends to pursue ideals, emotions are extremely intense. He has good motor nerves and can do anything without any trouble, but he does everything he is not good at. While showing an innocent and friendly appearance, there are also scenes where shadows can be seen in the depths of the eyes.

Moshna Castle:
A witch who 'purchased' Mel and took her to another world. With a grown-up personality and caring attitude, he possesses a belligerent strength. Moshna herself once had the experience of writing a magic book exchange diary with her 'onee-sama'.

◆Language setting errors and solutions
Kindle books are released from

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) , but there was a little trouble this time. After clicking 'Upload e-book manuscript' and uploading the manga EPUB file ......

I got the error 'The language of the file does not match the language selected when setting up the book' as in the image.

When setting up a book to be released on KDP, the language is set first, but apparently the manga EPUB file is created with English settings, even though 'Japanese' is selected here. It looks like

The manga is created with

Adobe Indesign , but since all pages are created with images only, there are no texts in Japanese or English. Also, when I checked the character settings on the page, it was 'Japanese'. I got the exact same error when I created the English version of the work collection ' Light Painting ', but I solved it by changing the character settings on this page.

I didn't know how to check it from Indesign, so I decided to check the contents of the EPUB file directly. Unzip the EPUB file and expand the file 'content.opf' with a text editor.

Then, I was able to confirm that the item 'language' is 'en (English)'.

After rewriting from 'en' to 'ja (Japanese)', overwrite and save it and recompress it into an EPUB file.

When I uploaded it again after doing this, the error was cleared and it succeeded without any problems. In addition, I used to create the '

Princess and Gamer ' comics using the same software and the same procedure, but in that case I did not see any errors when uploading.

If you know, 'This is the cause of this error!'

[Full color] Magic book exchange diary Episode 1: To my sister (GIGAZINE) |

Princess and Gamer | Pepper Io, Sanninkyo, GIGAZINE | Manga | Kindle Store | Amazon

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