The support illustration of 'Mado-sho Exchange Diary Episode 4' has arrived!

Cheering illustration of the full-color cartoon depicting a girl who leads love and hate through the 'Mage Manual' 'Mage manual exchange diary', illustrator, cartoonist

Mokeo I was drawn to Mr.. A small girl, Lou, who exchanges 'exchange diary' with her 'elder sister' in daily life and its backside. The latest episode 4 showed the secret behind the cuteness that was so hot.

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Mokeo We received a comment.

Nice to meet you, my name is Mokeo.
My favorite Transformer character is Grimm Rock.

The following is a simple making.

A fun rough plan with lots of highlights, inspired by the “Selling sale of magic book” that appeared in episode 2. Mokeo 'I drew it because I thought it would be good to have fun shopping at Comiket. There were too many elements.

Check that 'the character and the background are the same color, and the subject and the background are clearly distinguished' The person in charge asked me to correct it as shown in the image.

Rough part 2 that was newly drawn with reference to the correction instructions. Mokeo “I received an instruction that I wanted you to feel lonely, so I feel relaxed.

Line drawing process that Rough 2 was adopted. Mokeo 'I use a rough pen because I like it'

The completed illustration after fine coloring is shown below. Mokeo 'I try not to make the paint too light by adding a thin gradation or highlighting.'

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[Full Color] Magical Book Exchange Diary Episode 1: To My Sister (GIGAZINE) | Aoi Io, Sankyu Kyo, GIGAZINE | Fantasy | Kindle Store | Amazon

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