The support illustration for “Mado-sho Exchange Diary Episode 5” has arrived!

Illustrator BerryVerrine has drawn a cheering illustration for the full-color comic “ Mado- sho Exchange Diary ” developed by “ Mado- sho ” that connects lonely girls. The girl who looks into the deep darkness in his heart, Lou, is a mellow friend of Mel who has become an 'older sister', Vodhanoy, and it is one piece that Lou's caress is well conveyed.

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BerryVerrine commented.

Nice to meet you, my name is BerryVerrrine.
I mainly deal with music-related work such as CD jacket illustrations and flyers.

The following is a simple making.

BerryVerrrine 'I'm the first rough. I wanted to express the relaxed appearance of Loose, who seems to be waking up from the cover of the cover of Episode 2, and wearing a sleepwear.'

In order to give detailed correction instructions, the details are rough. The surrounding objects have been reduced from the first rough so that eyes are not scattered. BerryVerrrine “Rough completed.

Line drawing process. Here, the hair that had a little volume at the time of rough is adjusted to a fine and soft impression. BerryVerrrine “Separate line drawings for each object, making it easy to perform grounding and correction”

BerryVerrrine “Coloring. To give a soft atmosphere, the contrast is low pastel. Depicting the vicinity of Vojanoi's tail to be somewhat transparent. To help

BerryVerrrine “Adjust the overall color and filter the top to express the air”

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[Full Color] Magical Book Exchange Diary Episode 1: To My Sister (GIGAZINE) | Aoi Io, Sankyu Kyo, GIGAZINE | Fantasy | Kindle Store | Amazon

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